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Russia offered to Indian students leaving Ukraine, said this about completing studies

Russia On Indian Medical Students: Medical students of India had suffered a lot due to the ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine. When Russia attacked Ukraine at the end of February 2022, many Indian students were brought back from Ukraine to India. Due to this, the future of thousands of Indian medical students hangs in the balance. In such a situation, Russia has offered to come to its country to complete the studies of these students.

Russian Consul General in Chennai, Oleg Avdeev, said Indian students leaving Ukraine can continue their education in Russia as the medical courses are the same in both the countries. At the same time, he will also be able to understand the language of the people here because a large number of people in Ukraine also speak Russian.

Oleg Avdeev told that many people go to Russia for studies. More and more students are applying for scholarships in Russia. Every year, many Indian students move to both Ukraine and Russia to study medicine and various courses. Due to the war, students are unable to return to Ukraine to complete their studies.

Why do Indians study in Ukraine?

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Many students from India have been going to study in Ukraine. It is much cheaper to get MBBS to other medical education in Ukraine than in India. To do MBBS in private medical colleges of India, where about 80 lakh rupees have to be paid, in Ukraine it is done for about 25 lakh rupees.

Thousands of Indians affected

According to the information, 22 thousand 500 Indians were brought from Ukraine to India with the help of 90 flights during the war. Most of them were people who were studying medicine in Ukraine. Now these students are also fighting a legal battle for the completion of their studies for the last 9 months.

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