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Russia preparing to deal with nuclear attack, India said – nuclear attack against humanity


Russian Defense Minister spoke to Rajnath Singh
The two leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine
Russia accuses Ukraine of provocation

New Delhi. The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has reached a dangerous point. In view of the possibility of nuclear attack, Moscow has started testing nuclear defense system. In a special exercise, Russia’s armed forces are assessing the capability of ballistic missiles, nuclear-armed submarines and bombers. Russia alleges that Ukraine is plotting to provoke it by using a ‘dirty bomb’. Amidst the changed situation, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has contacted Rajnath Singh and apprised him of the situation. India made it clear that nuclear weapons should not be used by either side.

A statement has been issued by the Defense Ministry after Rajnath Singh’s conversation with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Sheigu. It says that the option of nuclear attack should not be considered by either side in this war, because it has already caused a lot of damage to the global economy. The Defense Ministry said in a statement, “He (Rajnath Singh) said that the option of nuclear attack should not be used by either side. The use of nuclear or radioactive weapons is contrary to the fundamental principles of humanity.

Russia’s Defense Minister talks to Rajnath, says Ukraine can use ‘dirty bomb’

Actually, Sergei Shoigu apprised Defense Minister Rajnath Singh about the deteriorating situation in Ukraine. He also apprised India of Russia’s concern that Moscow could be instigated by using dirty bombs. Apart from this, the Defense Ministers of both the countries discussed bilateral defense cooperation along with the confrontation. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense, it has been said that both the ministers have agreed to keep in touch. Apart from this, the Russian Defense Minister has also spoken to the Defense Minister of China, Wei Feng. With China too, he expressed the same apprehension that he had with India. Let us tell you that Russia has accused Ukraine of plotting to use the dirty bomb.

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