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Russia-Ukraine war: Advice to Russia and ‘support’ of Ukraine for the second time…Is there a big change in India’s stand? understand diplomacy

New Delhi : In the midst of the Russo-Ukraine war, India has voted in favor of the Ukrainian President to virtually address the United Nations meeting for the second time in the last two months. Next week is the high level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. In the meeting, more than 100 countries including India have voted in favor of playing a pre-recorded statement of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukraine’s ‘support’ for the second time in the last 2 months
India also voted in favor of Zelensky’s virtual speech at the UN Security Council meeting last month. It was first seen as New Delhi’s vote against Russia. The special thing is that on both the occasions, China stayed away from voting.

India voted in favor of Ukraine, hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had bluntly told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a bilateral conversation in Samarkand, “Today’s era is not of war.”

These countries supported Russia
101 countries, including India, voted in favor of Zelensky’s address. Seven countries, including Belarus, Cuba, Eritrea, Syria and Russia, voted against it. That is, 6 countries supported Russia. 19 countries, including China, stayed away from voting.

India’s diplomacy
Since the beginning of the Russo-Ukraine war, India’s diplomacy has been very mediocre. Initially, thousands of Indian soldiers were trapped in Ukraine because of the war. It was India’s diplomatic skills then that both Russia and Ukraine helped in the safe evacuation of Indian students. Despite pressure from western countries including the US, India practiced its independent foreign policy when it decided to buy cheaper oil from Russia. Showing him a mirror on Europe’s opposition to this, his hypocrisy was also exposed.

Shadow PM Modi’s statement in American media
In bilateral talks with Putin on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit meeting in Samarkand this week, PM Modi bluntly told him that this is not an era of war and he wants the war to end. This statement of PM Modi was shadowed in the American media. The big newspapers there praised India’s stand and wrote that Modi has publicly ‘reprimanded’ Putin over the Ukraine war. US Secretary of State Blinken also praised India’s stand.

‘Modi reprimands Putin for war in Ukraine’, titled ‘The Washington Post’. Another newspaper wrote, ‘Modi gave a surprising public rebuke to Putin, saying, ‘The modern era is not the era of war and I have spoken to you on the phone about it.’ PM Modi’s appeal to Putin to stop the war was the lead of the webpages of ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The New York Times’. ‘The New York Times’ captioned, ‘India’s leader tells Putin this is not a time of war’. He wrote, ‘The tone of the meeting was friendly and the two leaders referred to their long shared history. Before Modi’s remarks, Putin said that he understands India’s concerns about the war in Ukraine.

Russia understands India’s stand
Before Prime Minister Modi appealed to Putin to end the war, the Russian President said that he was aware of India’s concerns. However, he blamed the continuation of the war on Ukraine. Putin told PM Modi, ‘I understand your stand in the conflict with Ukraine. I am aware of your concerns which you have been repeatedly expressing. We want all this to end as soon as possible, for this we are doing everything possible from our side. But unfortunately the Ukrainian leadership is refusing to engage in the negotiation process. The other side wants to achieve its goals through military means. Nevertheless, whatever is happening there, we will keep you informed about that’

Is there a change in India’s stand on the Russo-Ukraine war?
First a public appeal to Putin to end the war, and hours later, Ukraine’s ‘support’ at the UN. Is there a change in India’s stand on the Russo-Ukraine war? It’s not like this. Official sources told our affiliate newspaper The Times of India that India’s vote should not be seen as a change in its stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Zelensky has addressed the UNSC virtually in the past.



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