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Saffron cultivation sparkled valley, saffron festival organized in Jammu and Kashmir

Saffron In Kashmir: Every season in the Kashmir Valley brings a different view. Today, another wonderful sight of nature is being seen in Kashmir, which will end in the next 10-15 days. Saffron flowers are blooming at this time in the valley of Pampore, Kashmir. People eagerly wait to see this.

The dry plains of Pampore, 22 km from Srinagar, where no fruit, vegetable or grain grows, but in return for this curse, nature has bestowed this area with its most beautiful gift. This is the gift of saffron, the world’s most expensive flower. Whose flowers are blooming in its entire area today.

Saffron Festival organized

This time even though the saffron flowers have bloomed very rarely due to unseasonal snowfall, but people are coming to see the sight. Therefore, to woo the tourists, the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department has organized the Saffron Festival in Pampore.

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Fazal-ul-Haseeb, Director, Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department said, “People coming to Kashmir usually visit hill resorts, but new steps are also being taken to promote it in a different way. The aim is also to give new attractions to the tourists visiting Kashmir.

40 percent reduction in saffron yield

Mohammad Shafi, a saffron farmer from Pampore, said, “The snowfall and rains in the month of October have reduced the saffron yield by 40 per cent. Farmers are busy harvesting saffron flowers. On normal days, this season in large numbers. Tourists come and more and more people started coming through such festivals”.

The sight of saffron blossoms is such that the fans are reaching Kashmir. People touch saffron flowers. Farmers are also troubled by the low sale of saffron every year. Because of this, a large quantity of saffron is coming from Iran and Spain at a cheaper price.

On this, the farmer Altaf says, “The government should stop the import of cheap Iranian saffron because it is reducing the market for Kashmir’s saffron every year. Our saffron is the world’s top quality saffron and therefore expensive. But common people are not able to tell the difference between cheap foreign and this saffron and due to this we are losing.

Why does saffron cost more?

Each flower is chosen to get saffron. Saffron is separated from the rest of the flower and dried. For one kg of saffron, 70-80 thousand flowers have to be picked. This light blue flower keeps the saffron strands hidden inside itself and due to this it becomes the most expensive spice in the world. Which sells for Rs 3-3.5 lakh per kg. There are 2 or 3 such countries in the whole world where saffron grows but the saffron of Kashmir is famous all over the world.

Farming is done in 5 districts

Chaudhary Iqbal, Director Agriculture, Jammu and Kashmir, says, “Saffron grows in 562 villages of five districts of Jammu and Kashmir, but the world’s best saffron grows only in Pampore and in the coming days we will also take many steps to increase its cultivation. are.”

This flower blooms only for two weeks in October and November. On the occasion of festivals, the fragrance of saffron and the beauty of its flowers spreads all around. The one who sees the saffron flowers of Kashmir once, he just keeps looking.

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