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Saharanpur: Sanskrit and Urdu are taught in this madrasa, children of all religions come to study

Nikhil Tyagi

Saharanpur. There is a madrasa in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh where both Urdu and Sanskrit are taught. Khurshid Malik Chishti runs Islamia Zia-ul-Quran Madrasa located in village road Dudhli of Saharanpur. Education up to class VIII is given in this madrasa. Khurshid Malik said that children of all religions and castes, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians from about 10 nearby villages, come to study in this madrasa. About three and a half hundred children study in the madrasa.

He told that all languages ​​Hindi, Urdu, English and Sanskrit are taught in Madrasa Islamia Zia-ul-Quran. Here every child has the freedom to study in any language. A child of any religion who wants to study in any language can read it. Special emphasis is given on Urdu and Sanskrit language in the madrassa. Giving the example of both the languages, he said that if a Patwari wants to read the records of 50 or 100 years old tehsil, then he must have knowledge of Urdu, because the old records are in Urdu. Therefore, it is necessary for children to have knowledge of Urdu. Children should be able to read and write Urdu language.

Children should know all subjects

Chishti told that this madrasa is under the modernization plan. The madrassa has got three teachers from the government. Muslim children should know all subjects along with Urdu and Dini education, so the Prime Minister has given three teachers each to those madrassas which are registered, and teach all subjects to the children in the madrassa. He told that the purpose of running these madrasas is that all the children should progress.

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