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Sajnam Dam Video: The water of the dam kept flying in the sky… what was that strange thing seen in Lalitpur?

New Delhi: Look, you see the spray… Look at the Maya of the Lord, you have… The water has risen very high… Badriya is picking up water from the Sajnam dam. When people saw water rising in the sky at Sajnam Dam of Lalitpur (UP), they were surprised to say this. They could not believe their eyes and then one made a video in which they can be heard expressing surprise amongst themselves. This incident of the evening on 21st August is not ordinary. The water from the dam rises on the side of the tornado and goes into the clouds. The video is viral on social media and people want to know what was this strange thing? Does this happen anywhere else in the world?

If you keep an eye on social media, then you must have seen such videos in America. Yes, it’s a tornado. These are often seen in marine or coastal areas. If a tornado occurs in a reservoir or sea, the water rises up in the form of a tornado. But if a tornado comes on the ground, then the house, trees and plants take away everything. This is the reason that in many provinces of America, people living along the seashore build bunkers under the house to avoid this, so that if a tornado comes, they can save their life.

Amazing tornado of clouds in Kota’s farm, know what is this funnel cloud
There are mainly two types of tornadoes – waterspout which is raised from the reservoir and landspout which is raised from the ground. The strong winds, swirling round and round, carry away everything that comes along with them. The water tornado seen in Lalitpur lasted for about 5 minutes but it can last up to 15 minutes.

Just a few weeks ago, a water whirlwind appeared in the fields of Kota, Rajasthan. The onlookers were scared as to what this thing was. There it was also seen that water was flying from the fields and going towards the sky. Its video surfaced. This type of funnel cloud is quite common in America. In a waterspout, a circular gust of wind is seen pulling the water droplets upwards. The same thing happened in Lalitpur.




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