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Sawai Madhopur: Tiger T-136 got a new home, know how was the journey to Kailadevi Sanctuary

This tiger crossed the Banas river in the fields of Basav in the Kundera range and reached the Hadoti forest. From Hadoti, it reached the hills of Lalpur Umri via Jirota, Bhadagpura, Bharatun hills. After wandering in Lalpur Umri for a long time, Tiger had once again caught the path of zero. After this, crossing the Banas river from Jirota, reached the Kailadevi Sanctuary of Karauli via Sapotra. Earlier, in search of Tiger-Tigress Territory, they have left Ranthambore and reached Kailadevi Sanctuary in Karauli. These include Tiger T-80 i.e. Storm, Tiger T-47 i.e. Mohan, Tiger T-72 i.e. Sultan, Tigress T-92, T-118 etc. According to the Forest Department, at present there is a movement of more than eight tigers and tigresses in the Kailadevi Sanctuary. However, many tigers and tigress who had gone to the Kailadevi sanctuary in the past had returned to Ranthambore after staying there for a few days.



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