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Scam surfaced again in Noida Authority! All charges taken from DGM SC Mishra

Noida. Noida Authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ritu Maheshwari has taken major action after irregularities of Rs. In-charge of Public Health Department and Senior Project Engineer SC Mishra has been removed from the post. All the charges related to the Public Health Department have been taken from him. Now this charge has been handed over to the Principal General Manager (PGM) Rajiv Tyagi.
The authority had constructed an elevated road from Visva Bharati to Shaprix Mall in Noida. After the final bill approval, the Noida Authority gave an additional Rs 17.21 crore to the construction company. Whereas on the basis of the CAG’s objection and the Authority’s Technical Audit Cell (TAC) report, a recovery of Rs 21.63 crore is to be recovered from the reverse company i.e. Rs 38.84 crore from the total company. Rather, the officer was also given extension twice after retirement.

CAG had raised objection
Actually, the construction company had to build the elevated from Visva Bharati to Sector-61 for 415.47 crores. He did this construction for 468.90 crores. The CAG conducted a financial audit of the project. During this, the CAG found huge irregularities in the money given to the construction company in lieu of variation. It also came to the fore that Rs 17.21 crore had been given to the construction company even before the circle officers submitted the final bill report to the Technical Audit Cell (TAC) on January 7, 2019.
According to the rules, the circle officer needs the permission of the Chief Executive Officer from the Technical Audit Cell to check the variation and make the payment before making payment to the company in case of variation above 10 crores. In violation of the rules here, the company was paid by the circle without anyone’s permission.

The project was of Circle-2 of the Authority
The authority has divided the city into 10 circles. The master plan comes in road no-2, circle-2. Circle 2 itself got the project constructed. The additional amount was also paid towards Circle-2. SC Mishra was in charge of Circle-2 during that time. The authority has constituted a committee of ACEO CLA and FC to investigate the additional payment made in the elevated. These money will be recovered after investigation.

circle charge changed
In-charge of Work Circle-9 and Senior Manager of Public Health Department Vijay Kumar Rawal has been taken charge of Work Circle-9. Now they are Public Health Department-. Will oversee the work of in-charge and senior manager. The charge of work circle-9 has been entrusted to Mukesh Kumar Vaish, in-charge of work circle-6 and senior manager. They will both look after the work of the work circle.


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