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Sextortion in Delhi: Nude girl came on screen as soon as she received the video call…and the life of a 76-year-old man became hell

New Delhi : The 76-year-old retired from the Delhi government and was living a happy life. Sometimes living in the house of one son located in Yamunapar, sometimes residents of Ghaziabad would have gone to another son’s place. He has a great reputation for being engaged in social work. A video call on 7th August made his life hell. When news on sextortion was published in NBT on August 12, many victims of it are sharing their experiences.

Thankfully, the sextortion call came when he was with acquaintances. Due to repeated calls, one snatched the phone from the old man’s hand. Then it was revealed that the elderly are becoming victims of sextortion. The elder then told the acquaintance that on August 7, he received a video call. On receiving the call, a nude girl came in front, who started doing obscene acts. This went on for about a minute and a half. After a while a call came from a girl who started demanding 50 thousand rupees in a threatening tone. The girl threatened that if the amount was not paid, the pornographic video would be sent to all the numbers included in her phone’s contact list. The elders panicked. After this, he was neither able to eat properly nor could he tell his problems to anyone. So he started getting worried.

The elders had come to a function organized at Hans Bhawan, ITO on August 10. After this, along with acquaintances, they were going to meet an MP on North Avenue in the car. At around 12:30 pm, a call came to the elderly, describing himself as Cyber ​​Crime Inspector Jitendra Kumar. He started saying that a girl has filed a case against you, where will you meet. The elders panicked and began to explain. From the other side the alleged cyber crime inspector started threatening. When the old man cut the call, another call came. This time another person started saying that he will end the complaint against you and delete the video posted on YouTube, but he will have to pay a fine of Rs 17,200. The people sitting in the car did not understand the matter. All were sitting at the MP’s house, then the call came again. The old man came out and told the amount from another person and got it deposited in the account. The elders had just come inside, then the call came. The caller started saying that a video has been deleted. To get the second video deleted, Rs 22 thousand more will have to be paid. When the elders started giving clarification, the person sitting next to them snatched the phone from them.

Body left by blackmailing like this
Seeing the condition of the elderly, the person understood that the person in front was blackmailing him. Therefore, he fiercely scolded the young man, who was calling himself an inspector of cybercrime. The fraudster started saying that you are taking law in your hands. Its consequences will be bad. The elder’s companion took the news of the caller fiercely, then the body of the elder was released from the blackmailers. After this, the entire matter was informed by calling the cyber helpline number.




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