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Sharabi Sangh demonstrated outside the Assembly, demands ‘very serious’

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Members of Karnataka Alcohol Association demonstrated

Actually, Sharabi is a community which neither opposes anything nor expresses any objection about anything. Even if governments make liquor expensive, we still drink it. If liquor shops are removed from the highways and placed within the cities, they can tolerate it. Even if governments ban liquor in the state, liquor lovers still go to other states and drink it. But it’s okay to complain sometime. But in Karnataka today the Sharabi Sangh has demonstrated outside the State Assembly Suvarnasoudha with some very serious demands.

Demonstration outside the Assembly during the winter session

The Sharabi Sangh has also put forth some of its demands during the demonstration outside Suvarnasoudha. The protesters say that those who drink alcohol should not be called ‘drunkards’ but ‘alcohol lovers’. Let us tell you that the winter session of the Karnataka Assembly is currently going on in Suvarnasoudha, Belagavi, Karnataka. During this session, the Sharabi Sangh in Karnataka has staged a unique protest. The Sharabi Sangh demands that 31st December should be declared as Alcohol Lover’s Day. Apart from this, a demand has also been made to give compensation of Rs 10 lakh to those who died due to drinking alcohol.

Some major demands of Sharabi Sangh

It is being told that during the ongoing Assembly session in Belagavi, Karnataka, members of Karnataka Alcohol Association staged a protest outside the Assembly and submitted a memorandum to Labor Minister Santosh Lad. In this memorandum given to the Labor Minister, the Alcohol Association has put forward 10 demands. Some of the major demands are as follows-

  • 31st December should be celebrated as Alcohol Lover’s Day.
  • Those who drink alcohol should not be called ‘drunkards’, but rather ‘liquor lovers’.
  • If someone dies due to drinking alcohol, the family should be given a compensation of Rs 10 lakh. This money should be given from the fund of fines collected from drunk and driving cases.
  • The woman who marries a drunkard should be given Rs 2 lakh.
  • There should be an ambulance outside all bars.

However, Labor Minister Santosh Lad has assured the protesting Sharabi Sangh people that he will discuss their demands. After the assurance of the minister, the liquor lovers ended the protest.

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