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Shashi Tharoor also had fun on Paneer Butter Masala, calculated the GST connection and shared

New Delhi: Opposition parties are surrounding the government in Parliament for increasing the GST on some essential goods (GST Hike), while the matter is trending on social media. Especially Paneer Butter Masala…It is becoming very trending on social media when GST is levied more than 5% on packaged food items of daily use. Paneer Butter Masala is set to become costlier after GST and #PaneerButterMasala is trending on Twitter. People are also sharing jokes on social media regarding this and are also expressing their anger. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has also targeted the same issue through a tweet.

Sharing a meme on Twitter about why Paneer Butter Masala would be expensive, Shashi Tharoor wrote that I don’t know who makes WhatsApp forwards. Its a joke to show the stupidity of the GACT. He also had fun through this tweet.

Ever since the GST has been increased on packing food items, people are asking on social media what will they do if they want to make paneer butter masala vegetable. This will attract the highest GST. In such a situation, many users are asking that there is 5% GST on paneer followed by butter which is 12% GST and then masala 5% GST… So a total of 22% GST will have to be paid on paneer butter masala.


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