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Shraddha murder case: Aftab refused to marry, Shraddha’s father revealed

Shraddha Murder Case: Everyday new revelations are being made about the accused Aftab, who murdered his live-in partner Shraddha and cut her body into 35 pieces in Mehrauli, Delhi. Now in this case, Shraddha’s father Vikas Walker has made a big disclosure about the accused. Talking specifically to ABP Majha, an affiliate channel from ABP News, Aftab said that he had gone to Shraddha’s house with a marriage proposal, but Aftab had refused to marry. Not only this, Aftab’s family members were also not ready for his marriage with Shraddha.

Talking exclusively to ABP News, Shraddha’s father also alleged that Aftab and his family members were also involved in the murder of his daughter. Please tell that after the news of Shraddha’s murder came out, Aftab’s family is also missing. The police is looking for him and is also trying to collect evidence against him.

Took marriage proposal in 2019

Talking to ABP Majha over the phone, Shraddha’s father Vikas Walkar told that he and his wife Harshila Walkar had gone to Aftab’s house in August 2019 with a marriage proposal. Vikas Walker told Aftab’s family members that he had proposed to get both of them married, but they did not get a good response. He said that he along with his wife had gone to meet Aftab’s parents at their house, but Aftab’s cousin insulted us saying never come to the door again. After the death of his wife, he became helpless and never tried to meet her again.

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He said that if Aftab’s family had talked about marriage at that time, something would have been resolved and such a big accident would not have happened. Since, Aftab’s parents were not ready to discuss. So the kids took their decision and went to Delhi and it happened. Vikas Walkar said that it was thought that we would get the first response, but the response was not good. Instead of getting ready for marriage, he must have taken some steps to settle down. Some must have found a solution.

Aftab’s family accused

Shraddha’s father Vikas Walkar said that earlier I did not know that Aftab’s family was involved in this, but now when I come to the fore, it seems that Aftab had her support and encouragement. He said that he used to call and talk to Shraddha many times, but we did not talk that much. We tried many times to tell Shraddha to leave Aftab, but she was not ready to listen. We asked our relatives to counsel her, but she was not ready to listen to anyone.

Don’t know when and why both went to Delhi

Vikas Walkar told that Shraddha was not in contact for many days and could not be found. So I told my son to contact my friend Laxman Nadar. After talking to Laxman, we went to the police and lodged a written complaint. Manikpur and Delhi Police helped a lot in solving the case. Manikpur and Delhi Police have also taken my statement and the investigation is on. He said that he requests the government to get justice by conducting a proper investigation in the matter.

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