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Shraddha murder case: Aftab was unconscious in the narco test, know the complete questions and answers

Aftab Poonawalla Narco Test: Aftab Poonawalla, accused in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, was repeatedly becoming unconscious during the narco test. According to sources related to the case, the accused has confessed to killing Shraddha and dismembering the body. When asked about Shraddha’s mobile phone, the accused told that she had thrown the phone somewhere. He has confessed to using a saw to cut Shraddha’s body into pieces. On the question of involvement of someone else in the murder case, the accused said that he alone had carried out the incident.

According to sources, during the narco test, accused Aftab has accepted the fact of hiding Shraddha’s dead body in the forest. When the accused was asked where the head part of Shraddha’s dead body was thrown, he replied that he had told the police about it. According to sources, the accused has given similar answers to many questions in the polygraph test and narco test.

What will be the action of the police now?

Sources said that after Aftab’s narco test, the scope of police investigation may increase. Actually, on the basis of the answers of the narco test, the police can run the search operation once again. During the narco test, the accused said that he had killed Shraddha in a fit of anger.

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The accused replied in English

According to the information, on Thursday (December 1) at around 8.30 am, the Delhi Police took the accused to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini for a narco test. The narco test started at around 10 am and it took almost two hours to complete. According to police sources, during the narco test, the accused answered most of the questions in English.

Aftab was looking for ways to escape on the Internet

According to police sources, the search history of the accused’s mobile and laptop has revealed that he used to read stories related to murder cases and trials to find ways to save himself. From these stories he was trying to find out how to keep himself calm.

According to police sources, the accused was aware that he would be caught by the police one day or the other, so he was gathering all the information that could be done for his own betterment through the internet. According to sources, the report of the mobile and laptop of the accused is yet to come from the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL).

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