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Shraddha Murder Case: How did Aftab’s lie get caught by the police? 54 thousand rupees transfer revealed the secret – shraddha walkar murder case accused aftab lies caught due to 54 thousand rupees bank transfer – News18 Hindi


Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused of murdering Shraddha Walkar, was hiding from the eyes of the police for six months.
Aftab had fabricated this story by showing Instagram chat and money transfer that Shraddha had left the house of her own free will.
Due to transfer of 54 thousand rupees from Shraddha’s bank account, Aftab’s lie was caught by the police.

New Delhi. Aftab Amin Poonawala, accused of murdering his ‘live-in partner’ Shraddha Walkar, was hiding from the eyes of the police for six months. Aftab had allegedly killed Shraddha in May itself and then dismembered her body and disposed of it. In such a situation, a big question is arising that after so many days, how did the secret of his crime get revealed? According to the police, after Shraddha’s murder, Aftab’s lie was caught by the police due to the transfer of 54 thousand rupees from her bank account and then his heinous crime came to light.

According to the information received, Aftab tried to dodge both Mumbai and Delhi Police from the very beginning and told the police that Shraddha had left the house on May 22 after a fight.

Suspicion deepened by phone location
According to the police, Aftab had said that Shraddha had only taken her phone while leaving the house. She had left all the other belongings and since then she did not come in contact with him. But when the police checked the call records of Aftab and Shraddha and their location, many truths came to the fore.

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The biggest thing that came before the police was that on May 26, Rs 54,000 was transferred from Shraddha’s net banking app to Aftab’s account, whereas Aftab had earlier said that he came in contact with Shraddha after May 22. No.

fabricated story from instagram chat
Police investigation revealed that on May 31, Shraddha’s Instagram account had a chat with her friend. When the police took out the location of Shraddha’s phone, it turned out to be in the Mehrauli police station area of ​​Delhi. On the other hand, the location of the bank transfer that took place on May 26 also turned out to be Mehrauli police station area.

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The police again questioned Aftab that when Shraddha had left the house with her phone, then why her location was coming out near her house only. Aftab could not answer this. When the police forcefully questioned Aftab, he revealed the secret of this heinous murder.

Meanwhile, police will present Shraddha murder case accused Aftab in Saket court tomorrow i.e. Thursday at 12 noon and file an application to take him into remand. In fact, the Delhi Police says that the weapon used in the incident, Shraddha’s phone, the clothes worn at the time of the incident and many other things are yet to be recovered on Aftab’s trail and for this his remand is needed.

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