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Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha’s friends made big revelations, said- she wanted to leave Aftab… – delhi murder case shraddhas friends claim that she wanted to leave aftab stv


Shraddha’s friends told the reality of accused Aftab
Friends had expressed apprehension, the family complained to the police
Aftab used to fight, Shraddha wanted to leave him

New Delhi. New revelations are being made in the most dreaded murder case. New information has been received from friends of Shraddha in Delhi’s Shraddha Murder Case. Friends claim that Aftab had made Shraddha’s life hell and Shraddha wanted to leave Aftab but it could not happen. Aftab Amin Poonawala, the accused in this murder case, is accused that after killing his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walker, he cut the dead body into 35 pieces and kept these pieces in the fridge. Accused Aftab kept the body parts at different places in Delhi for 20 days.

Shraddha’s friend Laxman Nadar told that Shraddha was in trouble and she wanted to separate from Aftab. Laxman has been called by the Delhi Police for questioning. Laxman told that after seeing Shraddha’s condition, he had informed her family. Shraddha’s father had told Laxman that the daughter was unable to be contacted for the last 3 months. Shraddha’s family was constantly trying to get information about her daughter, for this the help of social media was also taken and when the information was not received for 2 months, the family decided to register it with the Mumbai Police. This complaint has been transferred to Delhi.

Shraddha and Aftab’s family members did not approve of their relationship
According to news agency ANI and media reports, Laxman Nadar and Shraddha knew each other and they also worked in a call center in 2019. In the same year Shraddha met Aftab. After this, Shraddha and Aftab worked in a store selling fitness equipment and clothes. Laxman Nadar told that the family members of Shraddha and Aftab did not approve of this relationship. Despite this, Aftab and Shraddha continued to rent a house in Nayagaon East for two years. Laxman Nadar has claimed that there were frequent arguments and fights between the two.

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Laxman save me, Aftab will kill me, Shraddha had given such a message
After a similar incident in 2020, Shraddha’s friends stopped her from reporting Aftab to the police. Laxman Nadar told that ‘One day Shraddha’s WhatsApp message came, in which she said that Aftab will kill her, take her out of her house immediately. After this Shraddha herself stopped us from complaining to the police. Laxman said that we respected Shraddha and obeyed him and we had returned.

Aftab used to beat her, Shraddha wanted to separate from him.
Speaking to news agency ANI, another friend of Shraddha, Rajat Shukla said that initially they both lived happily but after some time Shraddha started saying that Aftab beat her. She wanted to leave him, but she could not do so. Rajat said that I am deeply shaken from the news of Shraddha’s murder. Shraddha told us in 2019 that she has been with Aftab since 2018. Shraddha’s life had become hell because of Aftab. Rajat told that when Aftab and Shraddha went to Delhi, their contact was almost stopped.

There was a talk in May, when the phone did not reach in July and August, there was concern
Laxman Nadar told that he last spoke to Shraddha in May. But when attempts were made to contact Shraddha in July and August, she neither returned calls nor responded to messages. Due to this the concern had increased. On this, he also informed Shraddha’s family and Shraddha’s father also told that he has not talked to Shraddha for the last 2-3 months. On this the family complained to the police and this complaint was also sent to the Delhi Police.

Aftab told the whole truth to the police
Aftab, accused of Shraddha’s murder, said that after coming to Delhi, he had rented a two-bedroom apartment in Chhatarpur. There was a fight between Aftab and Shraddha here on May 18, in which Aftab strangled her to death. Aftab said that Shraddha was pressurizing her for marriage. Because of this, there were quarrels between the two for a few days.

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