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Siwan: Don’t worry if platelets decrease, do this remedy to increase immunity… – dengue fever if platelets of patient decline then do 2 important things to increase it – News18 Hindi

Ankit Kumar Singh

Seaman. Dengue is spreading rapidly in Bihar’s Siwan district. Till now hundreds of people have been made victims of dengue fever here. Because of this people are very upset. Patients suffering from dengue are forced to go to government hospitals as well as private hospitals for treatment. At the same time, when the condition of many patients is serious, they are going to other places including neighboring Uttar Pradesh and getting their treatment done in private hospitals.

Many such cases have come to light in the district in which patients suffering from dengue have died. Although the Health Department is not confirming this. The reason is that the people who died had got their treatment done in private hospitals. Dengue was mentioned as the cause of death in his report.

Actually, many patients suffering from dengue in Siwan district can do their own treatment at home. Along with this, you will be able to increase your immunity and become healthy.

Do this remedy to increase immunity

Shahid Ali, health manager of Siwan Referral Hospital, said that patients suffering from dengue fever fall ill due to reduced immunity. Platelets in them start decreasing very fast due to which the patient becomes very weak. At the same time, patients also die when there is a critical situation. He said that there is a simple way to deal with it. In case of dengue, patients have to take two measures to increase immunity and prevent platelets from decreasing.

Giloy and aloe vera have to be used to prevent platelets from decreasing. Also, fruits and milk have to be consumed to increase immunity. By doing both these things, the incidence of platelets in the patient’s body decreases, and immunity increases. By this the patient becomes healthy by defeating the disease.

Minerals and vitamins are available from fruits

Shahid Ali told that it is seen in the patients that due to dengue, their immunity decreases and platelets start decreasing. To increase it, it is important to consume fruits like kiwi, pomegranate, papaya. Because the body gets minerals and vitamins from these fruits. By consuming them, the immunity of the patient soon increases. With this, he becomes capable of fighting the disease, and gets well soon.

Potassium is found in Kiwi

At the same time, plenty of potassium is found in the exotic fruit Kiwi. Calories are very less in Kiwi, so those who take care of fitness like to eat Kiwi. Kiwi contains more potassium and calories than bananas. Kiwi contains twice the amount of vitamin C than orange. Also, it contains fiber, by which the body gets minerals and vitamins by eating it. This increases immunity power and also plays an important role in fighting disease.

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