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Small moth took away the frog, the most surprising video of the forest

New Delhi: Sometimes something is seen which is difficult to believe. One such shocking video is viral on social media. Perhaps you too watch the 11 second video again and again and try to understand how it happened. This video of jungle is the story of the struggle of a frog and a moth. It is seen in the video that a moth is coming flying and a frog is sitting in ambush on the ground. As soon as the moth comes close to him, the frog jumps and grabs it but the story does not end here.

The moth starts to struggle. It is seen in the video that even after catching the frog, it tries its best to escape from its clutches but to no avail. If he tries harder, his body starts stretching like a chewing gum.

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When the moth is struggling, the frog also exerts its strength. The moth wants to fly up but the frog pulls it down. What happens in the next few seconds is hard to believe. Let us tell you here that there are frogs ranging from 100-200 grams to 3 kg. The frog seen in the video also appears to be a heavyweight but succumbs to the strong will of the moth. This also reflects the popular saying that those who try never lose.

In the last part of the video, it is seen that the frog gets restless. He starts in agony but a small kite lifts him up. Obviously after some time the frog would have fallen due to excess weight but it is not in the video.

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