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Snake Dog Fight Video: Julie fights with a snake for the sake of the owner

Report – Mangala Tiwari

Mirzapur. For centuries, the dog has been known as the most loyal animal. There are many such tales in which dogs have saved the life of their owner by playing on their life. A similar incident has happened in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, where a pet dog (female) caught the snake while guarding the house. Actually the snake is entering the house, but the dog stopped it. At the same time, the whole family is happy with the loyalty of the dog and it is being discussed in the whole area.

However, good people start sweating as soon as they hear the name of the snake, but the matter that has come to light from Tilathi village of Mirzapur. Hearing it, you will press your finger under your teeth. The video of the whole matter is going viral on social media. When Julie (the dog’s name), who was guarding the house, saw that a dangerous snake was going inside the house, she went straight and confronted him.

snake was going inside the house
The snake was trying to go towards the house, but Julie thwarted the snake’s attempt. She was throwing him away from the house by picking him up sometimes by his feet and sometimes by his mouth. In the viral video, the voice of the people of the house is coming that just do Julie. Despite this, she keeps fighting. Showing her loyalty to the owner, the female dog fought with the snake until she took her life.

Such incidents have happened before
When the people of the neighborhood saw this incident, their senses were blown away. People saw that Julie had bitten the snake in many places. This snake is said to be longer than 6 feet. Umesh Kumar Dubey, the owner of the female dog (Julie), told that the snake was trying to enter the house, but Julie saw it and clashed with him. At the same time, he told that we are not afraid of Julie’s stay. Fearlessly they come. Julie has done many such exploits before, whose videos we could not make. This time my son made a video of him fighting with a snake, which is going viral on social media.

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