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Snake smuggling: King Cobra stolen from Dehradun zoo reaches Madhya Pradesh! understand the whole matter


10 feet long King Cobra disappeared from Dehradun Zoo.
Last January, 2020, King Cobra was brought to the zoo.
King Cobra missing from Dehradun Zoo found in Madhya Pradesh.

Dehradun. A ten feet tall king cobra was brought to the zoo before January 2020, where it was kept in the enclosure for public viewing at the Serpentine House. But, about three months ago, this king cobra suddenly disappeared. The poster of the zoo has been removed from its enclosure and the poster of the checkerkill back snake has been replaced and the checkerkill back snake has now been placed in the enclosure instead of the king cobra.

On Thursday, when the News18 team went to Dehradun Zoo and investigated the matter, the matter came to the fore. Deepak, a tourist from Dehradun who came to visit the zoo for the second time, also told that earlier there was a big king cobra here, which is not there now. Ranger Mohan Singh Rawat, who is handling the Dehradun Zoo, also kept silent. The News18 team tried to ask him on camera, but the ranger had no answer. Rangers kept running here and there to avoid the camera.

There could be a big issue in this. Actually, no animal can be kept in the zoo without the permission of the Chief Wildlife Warden or the Central Zoo Authority. Especially the rescued animal cannot be kept without medical checkup and permission. According to sources, the King Cobra kept in Dehradun Zoo was brought to the rescue. It was kept quietly in the zoo for the general public without permission.

Meanwhile, Pankaj Pokhriyal, a wildlife activist, filed an RTI regarding the permission to keep the king cobra in the zoo, etc. As soon as it was realized, the zoo administration made the king cobra disappear from the zoo to save its neck. Now the zoo administration is not ready to say anything about where this king cobra went. Off camera ranger Mohan Singh Rawat in Daabi Jubaan says that it was released in the jungle, but when, how and why was it released. Mohan Singh Rawat does not have the answer to this. Rangers could not show any paper, any evidence related to the release.

But, News18 continued its investigation. Investigation revealed that the King Cobra, which disappeared from Dehradun Zoo, is beautifying the Indore Zoo of Madhya Pradesh. The question arises that how the King Cobra of Dehradun Zoo reached Indore. The answer to this is also not with the zoo administration. According to the information of News18, King Cobra was sent to Indore Zoo about three months ago. This has also been confirmed by a chat made by Indore Zoo’s QRT team member Nilesh Parmar in an official WhatsApp group.

Apart from this, it has also been confirmed by news published in MP’s news channel and newspapers. In which it is said that King Cobra was brought from Dehradun Zoo to Indore Zoo under the Animal Exchange Program. News 18 also has the video of Indore Zoo in which King Cobra is roaming. News 18 has also found a video in its investigation, in which King Cobra is being cleaned by bathing before sending it to Indore. In this, two members of the QRT team of the Forest Department are seen.

The transportation of wild animals in this way without a valid certificate is a kind of illegal smuggling. Activist Reenu Paul says that this is a big crime. Illegally first you keep King Cobra in closure for years and then illegally send it to another state. Reenu Paul says that strict action should be taken against such irresponsible officers. Uttarakhand Chief Wildlife Warden Sameer Sinha says that he is not aware of the matter. He has ordered the Director of Zoo to investigate the whole matter.

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