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… So for these reasons Amritpal wants to look like Bhindranwala, revealed in the report of intelligence agencies

S. Singh / Chandigarh. Why did Amritpal, who calls himself a Khalistan supporter, choose the lifestyle of the last Bhindranwale? Although he did not even know the background of Khalistan properly. In the dossier prepared by the central intelligence agencies, there has been a big disclosure that how a Sikh who had cut his hair came in the form of Bhindrewale and landed on the land of Punjab.

According to intelligence agencies, Amritpal was shown Bhindranwala’s costume, his living and talking videos by ISI. He was shown many speeches of Khalistan thinker Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, which was the reason why he was influencing the people of the Sikh community after coming to India.

A senior intelligence source said that when he came in contact with ISI operatives in Dubai, he was taken to Georgia for training as the Pakistan spy agency has assets there, which was also supported by SFJ’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannu . Amritpal was shown the speeches of deceased Khalistan ideologue Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. He was trained to follow his mannerisms to attract the attention of the public.

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Intelligence agencies in their reports highlighted that before coming to India, Amritpal was trained by ISI in Georgia and had links with Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). Significantly, in the action taken so far, the police have detained 112 supporters of Amritpal. Flag marches were conducted by district police and paramilitary forces across the state. Meanwhile, Amritpal’s father Tarsem Singh feared that his son might be killed in a fake encounter.

Six .12 bore rifles and 193 cartridges, all illegal, were seized from the 7 accomplices of Amritpal who were arrested. The police also recovered a licensed .315 bore rifle and .32 bore pistol along with ammunition and two SUVs.

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