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Social media star Bobby Kataria gets relief from Delhi court, gets bail

Bobby Kataria Social media influencer and body builder Bobby Kataria has been released on bail by the Delhi Court, giving a big relief. In fact, on September 27, after the order of the court, Bobby Kataria joined the investigation of Delhi Police. The police had said that Kataria was not cooperating in the investigation, after which he was arrested. After this, the Delhi Court granted him bail on September 28, giving him relief.

In which case was the arrest made?

Kataria has more than 6 lakh followers on Instagram. Kataria had made a video of him lighting a cigarette in a SpiceJet plane and posted it on social media. This video went viral very fast on social media. After this, the legal manager of SpiceJet filed a case against Kataria in Delhi Police. The police had registered a case against Kataria under Section 337/22 U/S 3C (SUASCA) Act.

was not cooperating in the investigation

Police said that Bobby Kataria was not cooperating in the investigation and was not answering questions correctly. After this the police arrested him on Tuesday. After this, Kataria appealed in the court for his bail. The Delhi court released him on bail the next day.

Aviation Minister Scindia also tweeted

Kataria had claimed that the video of him smoking was shot inside a fake plane, but his claim was refuted by SpiceJet airline, the airline also mentioning the aircraft number in which the incident took place. Had happened. On this act of Kataria, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia also tweeted that “there will be no tolerance for such dangerous behavior”.

Has been involved in controversies before

Even before this, social media influencer Bobby Kataria has come into controversies. The video of him sitting on a chair in the middle of the road and drinking alcohol became quite viral. Uttarakhand Police had also registered a case against him.

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