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Son-in-law came to his in-laws’ house and embraced death, seeing the scene, villagers could come, read the reason


The incident is of Devpura village of Jahajpura police station area of ​​Bhilwara.
Police investigation revealed that there was a dispute between husband and wife

Rahul Kaushik.

Bhilwara. A son-in-law who came to his in-laws’ house in Jahazpur area of ​​Bhilwara district of Rajasthan committed suicide by hanging himself. The body of the youth was hanging from a tree in the village school. Seeing the dead body hanging on the tree in the school, the ground slipped from under the feet of the villagers. On the information of the villagers, the police reached the spot and brought down the dead body and kept it in the mortuary of the local hospital. The reasons for the suicide are not yet fully disclosed. The police is involved in the investigation of the whole matter. After this case of suicide, there was uproar in the young man’s house.

According to the police, this case of suicide took place in Devpura village of Jahazpur police station area. The dead body of a young man was found hanging on a neem tree in the school premises of Devpura on Sunday morning. The villagers were shocked to see the dead body hanging. Later the deceased was identified as Hemraj Meena, resident of Kabri village of Ramdev ji. Then it came to know that Devpura is Hemraj’s in-laws’ house. As soon as he came to know about this, there was silence.

There was some dispute going on between husband and wife
Later, the villagers informed the local police about this. The police reached the spot and got the dead body removed from there in the presence of the in-laws of the youth and kept it in the mortuary of the local hospital. Post-mortem of the dead body will be done after the relatives of the deceased come there. In the preliminary investigation of the police, it was revealed that Hemraj Meena was having some dispute with his wife. What was this controversy has not been disclosed yet.

Wife had given complaint against husband in police station three days ago
Hemraj’s wife had also given a report against her husband three days ago. It is being told that he was threatening his wife to commit suicide for several days. Hemraj has a daughter. Jahazpur police is engaged in the investigation of the case. After this incident, the round of discussions in the village intensified. Even the police have not yet understood why Hemraj came to his in-laws’ house and committed suicide. However, the police is trying to get to the bottom of the whole matter. It is noteworthy that such an incident has come to the fore in Rajasthan as well.

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