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Sonia Gandhi congratulated the countrymen on Independence Day, but targeted the government like this

Sonia Gandhi On Independence Day: On Independence Day, Congress President Sonia Gandhi greeted the country. On this occasion, he told the countrymen that, in the last 75 years, India has left an indelible mark on the international stage in all fields including science, education, health and information technology on the strength of hard work of its talented Indians.

He said that India, under the leadership of its visionary leaders, on the one hand established a free, fair and transparent election system. At the same time, democracy and constitutional institutions were strengthened. Along with this, India has made its proud identity as a leading country that has always lived up to the pluralistic test of language-religion-sect.

We have achieved many achievements in 75 years – Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi further said that, we have achieved many achievements in the last 75 years, but today’s self-conscious government is bent on trivializing the great sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the glorious achievements of the country, which can never be accepted. . Indian National Congress will strongly oppose any misrepresentation on historical facts for political gains and every attempt to put great national leaders like Gandhi-Nehru-Patel-Azad in the dock on the ground of falsity.

He said that, I again wish all the countrymen a Happy Independence Day of India and wish for a bright democratic future for India.

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