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Sonia Gandhi took action on the report, sent show cause notices to the close relatives of Ashok Gehlot

Rajasthan Political Crisis: The party has also taken action after the ruckus in the Rajasthan Congress. In-charge Ajay Maken and supervisor Mallikarjun Kharge submitted the report to Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday (27 September) regarding the entire incident. After which the Disciplinary Committee of the Congress has sent a show-cause notice to the relatives of Gehlot, the architect of the rebellion, in the case of serious indiscipline. Know the big things related to the case.

1. The Congress has sent notices to Gehlot’s close aide Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal, Chief Whip Mahesh Joshi and RTDC President Dharmendra Pathak, asking them to respond in ten days. In their nine-page report sent to Sonia Gandhi, observers have considered a separate mobilization instead of the proposed meeting of the legislators as serious indiscipline.

2. According to sources, Ashok Gehlot can go to Delhi in the next two days. Ashok Gehlot’s program is not yet decided, but according to close sources, Gehlot can go to Delhi tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow on the instructions of the party leadership. Sachin Pilot is also in Delhi.

3. It is worth mentioning that before the meeting of the legislature party on Sunday, Gehlot supporters had a meeting at Shanti Dhariwal’s house. In this meeting, these MLAs raised the issue of Sachin Pilot’s rebellion against Ashok Gehlot in the year 2020.

4. The MLAs had said that the chief minister should be chosen from among those who supported the government at that time (in 2020). He submitted a mass resignation to Speaker CP Joshi in protest to keep Sachin Pilot away from the top post.

5. The meeting of the legislature party was canceled after the revolt of the pro-Gehlot MLAs. Rajasthan in-charge Ajay Maken and supervisor Mallikarjun Kharge were sent to Jaipur for this meeting.

6. On the rebellion of the MLAs, both the leaders returned to Delhi. Ajay Maken on Tuesday submitted a report on the Rajasthan developments to party president Sonia Gandhi. After which the party has taken action. According to sources, there are no direct allegations against Ashok Gehlot in this report.

7. Several MLAs and ministers of Rajasthan have met Ashok Gehlot at the Chief Minister’s residence in Jaipur on Tuesday. During this, the Chief Minister discussed the current political situation. Many leaders including Ashok Chandna, Amin Kagji, Khan Mewa Ram, Preeti Shaktawat, Meena Kanwar, Khushveer Singh had arrived to meet the Chief Minister.

8. Earlier, Ashok Gehlot was leading in the race for the post of Congress President. However, after the rebellion of the MLAs, the chances of Ashok Gehlot filing nomination in the Congress President’s election are also less.

9. Meanwhile, MP Shashi Tharoor has announced to file nomination for the Speaker’s election. Madhusudan Mistry, chairman of the Congress’s Central Election Authority, said that a representative of Shashi Tharoor has informed that Tharoor will file his nomination for the post of president on September 30.

10. Congress treasurer Pawan Bansal has also taken the nomination papers. However, Pawan Bansal has refused to contest the elections. Talking to ABP News, he said that I am not going to contest for the post of president. Let us tell you that the process of filing nominations for the election of the President will continue till September 30. In case of more than one candidate, voting will be held on October 17 and the result will be declared on October 19.

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