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Speak to defame Islam… Shivraj Patil told what is Jihad by taking the name of Duryodhana-Hitler

New Delhi: ‘In the Gita, Shri Krishna also talks about Jihad to Arjun…’ Senior Congress leader Shivraj Patil has been surrounded by this statement. The BJP has accused the Congress of vote bank politics over Patil’s remarks. Their cleaning is coming since this morning. In a special conversation with our colleague ‘Times Now Navbharat’, Patil gave the definition of jihadi and said that if someone is doing what should not be done, then he is a jihadi. One should not fight, if anyone is doing it, he is a jihadi. He said that the Kauravas try to burn the Pandavas in a room, try to molest their wife, don’t even give five villages… Duryodhana’s work was that of a jihadi.

To defame Islam, they say that these people are jihadis.

Shivraj Patil

He further said that it has been written in the Gita that if anyone is quarreling, do not fight with him, discuss. Even after this, if things do not work out, then fight. It is your duty to fight this battle. This was told by Krishna to Arjuna.

Giving his clarification, Shivraj further said that he will file a case against the journalists if his words are not written in the media. When asked about 26/11, the former home minister said, “The media is speaking a word about jihad, was I speaking about that vision? I have said that if someone speaks to do good things, does not understand and comes with sticks and guns, then we will also have to fight. This is not jihad. But what Duryodhana did is jihad. What Hitler did is jihad.

spoke on mumbai attack
He said that if someone attacks in Mumbai then action is taken against him then it is not jihad. As the controversy escalated, Patil said that read the Quran, Bible and Gita… To defame Islam, these people are jihadis. It is said inside Quran Sharif that no man is ready to believe that there are not many Gods. This is the idea of ​​Christianity as well. It is also said in Gita that God has no form, color or shape.

BJP surrounded Patil
A day earlier, Patil had claimed that the concept of jihad was not only in Islam, but also in the Bhagavad Gita and Christianity. The BJP hit out at the Congress over Patil’s remarks and accused it of doing vote bank politics. On the release of the autobiography of senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Mohsina Kidwai, former Lok Sabha Speaker Patil said that it is said that there was a lot of discussion on Jihad in Islam religion. He said that when no one understands even with the right intentions and doing the right things, the concept emerged that force can be used.

Patil claimed, ‘It is not only in Quran, but also in Mahabharata, Gita, Shri Krishna also talks to Arjuna about Jihad and this thing is not only in Quran or Gita but also in Christianity .’ BJP spokesperson Shahzad Poonawalla tweeted, “After Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Gopal Italia and Rajendra Pal Gautam not lagging behind in Hindu hatred and vote bank politics, Congress’s Shivraj Patil says Shri Krishna gave Arjuna”. ‘Jihad’ was taught.



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