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Stolen railway engine made tunnel till station, transported from Barauni to Muzaffarpur

Bihar News: Thieves in Bihar carried out such a scandal knowing about which you will also be shaken. Here the thieves made the entire railway engine disappear by making a tunnel. Earlier only a bridge was stolen in Rohtas in Bihar. Read this shocking news…


  • Thieves carried out a strange incident in Bihar
  • Such an incident of theft that will shake
  • Stolen railway engine made tunnel till the station
  • Transported from Barauni to Muzaffarpur
Patna: In Bihar, you must have read about the incidents of theft of bridge, rail engine, but this incident is quite different and daring from them. Here the thieves dug a tunnel from Barauni to Muzaffarpur for theft. Once the police came to know about this incident, they were also shaken. In this episode, the police said on Thursday that gangs of robbers are blowing up diesel and old train engines and stealing steel bridges in Bihar. Due to this the police have got sleepless nights. Last week, a gang stole the entire diesel engine of a train which was brought for repair at Garhara yard in Barauni. The gang achieved this by stealing parts a few at a time.

Thieves flew away with the train engine made tunnel till the station
The first information about this came when the police detained three people. After the information received from them during interrogation, the police recovered 13 sacks of engine parts from a scrap godown located in Prabhat Colony, Muzaffarpur. A senior police officer said ‘What was more surprising was that we found a tunnel near the yard, through which thieves used to come and steal the engine parts and carry them away in gunny bags. Didn’t even know about it.
Bihar News: If there was a little delay, the ‘ground under the bogie’ would have slipped … After the railway engine-bridge and hospital in Bihar, preparations were made to make the track missing
Prior to this, the theft of rail engine took place in Purnia.
Earlier in Purnia, thugs had sold a whole vintage steam engine. Look at the extent that the engine was kept at the local railway station for public display. During the investigation, the police found that a railway engineer was also involved in this. Another such incident came to light recently when another gang broke open the lock of an iron bridge over the Sitadhar river in Bihar’s Araria district. After this, the police were forced to register an FIR and depute a constable for his protection.
Strange played in Bihar… 100 feet long bridge of 1000 kg was stolen
bridge parts missing in araria
During this, theft of some iron angles and other important parts of the bridge from Paltaniya bridge connecting Forbesganj to Raniganj was also detected. Forbesganj police station in-charge Nirmal Kumar Yadvendu told Times News Network on Thursday over phone that ‘we have deployed a constable to guard the bridge, so that it remains safe. We have registered a case against unknown people for stealing parts of the iron bridge and investigation is underway.

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