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Strange-wonderful marriage! The procession reached Karnal and traveled to America! The first such Haryanvi wedding is gathering buzz

Karnal. These days a unique marriage is making headlines not only in Karnal or Haryana but in the whole country. You must have heard of online meetings or rallies till now, but with this technique, a family in Karnal got married with great pomp and discussion started happening everywhere. Neither the groom nor the bride was present in this marriage in Karnal. Both bride and bridegroom traveled across the seven seas to USA and there was a lot of dancing and singing. Here, the procession came from Sonepat to Karnal and here everything from USA was connected live on the TV screen.

Yes, Teeka, Lagna and all other rituals took place, blessings were given on the TV screen itself. tell you that Ashu, a resident of Karnal, and Amit, a resident of Sonipat, tied the knot in a unique way. Both of them got married by keeping the Haryanvi customs alive but also adopted the technology. This couple has become an inspiration for others. All the rituals from engagement to marriage were completed through TV screens in Haryana.

Both got married on 19 March. Both were in USA and all the wedding rituals were performed there. Earlier, the groom’s relatives organized a tika and engagement program in a private banquet hall in Sonipat. Where the bride’s family reached and completed the customs by tika the groom on the screen itself. The relatives told that the relatives of the bride also live in the US. In the US, he got the groom Amit done seven rounds of traditional method from turmeric process to rounds.

This is being seen for the first time in rural areas when the bride and groom were performing traditional rituals abroad, taking rounds on foreign land and through TV in Haryana, the families of both were giving blessings online.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 22, 2023, 13:05 IST

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