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Stubble Burning: Government claims false, incidents of stubble burning are not stopping in Haryana-Punjab

New Delhi. The situation of air pollution becomes very serious during the winter season. The incidents of stubble burning in the neighboring states of the national capital Delhi are mainly attributed to this, among other reasons. The state governments claim to make all kinds of efforts to prevent such incidents. However, his claim seems to be in the air only. Stubble burning is being done indiscriminately in Haryana and Punjab, which is defying the government claims. There have been many incidents of stubble burning in Haryana and Punjab. It directly affects Delhi-NCR.

Recently, 250 incidents of stubble burning were reported in Haryana. A record 77 such cases were reported in Kaithal. Due to this, the local administration is also in trouble. The Deputy Collector said that the incidents of stubble burning have doubled as it is the time for harvesting and sowing. Farmers are largely engaged in agricultural work. According to the Deputy Collector, the farmers told them that firecrackers have also caused the fire, so all the locations are being investigated. Stubble is being burnt in the field by farmers in Kaithal, Haryana. On receiving the information, the Deputy Director of Pollution Department reached the spot and explained to the local people and farmers about not burning the stubble.

These 3 districts of Punjab became hotspots in case of stubble burning, responsible for spoiling AQI

Recently, 77 incidents of stubble burning were reported in Kaithal. (ANI)

Incidents of stubble burning are also coming to the fore in the neighboring state of Haryana, Punjab. Despite appeals to the farmers by the government, such incidents are coming to the fore. The process of burning stubble continues continuously. The trouble of the government has increased due to such incidents coming to the fore on a large scale in the state. Farmers were seen burning stubble in Kanija, Ludhiana. Let us tell you that there has been talk of action against those who burn stubble, but despite this, it does not seem to have much effect. Farmers are burning stubble in their fields as before.

The Delhi-NCR region is most affected by the incidents of stubble burning in Haryana-Punjab. The quality of the air deteriorates to such an extent that it becomes difficult to breathe in it. The level of AQI reaches the very severe category, in which breathing becomes difficult. Especially the elderly, children and people suffering from respiratory diseases have to bear the brunt of it. The matter of stubble burning has also reached the Supreme Court, but a complete solution has not been found yet.

(Input: ANI)

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