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Such a marriage! Dulha of two and a half feet, bride of 3 feet, Azim Mansoori of Shamli finally became the groom

Shamli. Azim Mansoori of Shamli in Uttar Pradesh has finally become the bridegroom. Azim Mansoori has left for Hapur as a groom from Kairana in Shamli district. There are 20 to 25 wedding processions involved in Azim Mansoori’s wedding and he will reach Hapur after walking from Kairana. In Hapur district, Azim Mansoori’s marriage will be read at around 1 pm.

It is worth noting that Azim Mansoori is called Kairana’s famous Little Star. Azim Mansoori’s height is 2.5 feet. This small stature of Azim Mansoori was a hindrance in his marriage. Azim Mansoori was very worried about his marriage and some time ago Azim Mansoori had pleaded for marriage in the media.

After making headlines in the media, the relationship of a girl named Bushra from Hapur district of Azim Mansoori’s house went away. Actually, Bushra is a resident of Hapur district of UP, whose height is 3 feet. There was talk of a relationship between the relatives of Bushra and Azim Mansoori and on November 7, Azim Mansoori’s marriage was fixed.

Azim Mansoori’s marriage was to be held on November 7, but today, on November 2, Azim Mansoori’s wedding procession is going to Hapur district.

Azim Mansoori has left for Hapur today with his procession even before the due date. When talking to the relatives of Azim Mansuri in this matter, they say that Azim Mansuri’s marriage was to be held on November 7, but today, on November 2, Azim Mansuri’s procession is going to Hapur district. The reason for this is that there was a apprehension of huge crowd in Azim Mansoori’s wedding, due to which Azim has left for Hapur district today with Mansoori.

The happiness of Azim Mansoori, wearing a sherwani turban, has no place regarding the marriage. . The groom, Azim Mansoori, sitting in a car decorated with flowers, is thanking the people of Kairana wholeheartedly. Azim Mansoori dreams that after marriage, he will go to Mecca with his wife to perform Hajj.

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