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Such a village in Uttar Pradesh, where it takes tickets to go, people come from far and wide, what is so special after all?

If I tell you that there is a village in Uttar Pradesh where you have to take a ticket to go, then you probably will not believe it. But this very special village has been settled by a youth studying MBA. This village of district Ghazipur has become so special, now people come here to roam from far and wide.


  • Open gym for youth, book garden
  • Sewing Machine for Girls, Computer Classes
  • Horse riding and boating also in the village
Ghazipur: There is also a village in Uttar Pradesh where you have to buy a ticket of 20 rupees to go. Yes, that’s absolutely true. Khurpi Nature Village is about 15 kms away from the district headquarter of Ghazipur. As the name also has a nature attached to it, this village takes you closer to nature. There is a zoo in this village. There is a garden of books. Integrated fish and poultry farming is being done in the pond with modern technology. Fish in the pond below and poultry on the top. Apart from this, there is a provision of free food for hundreds of people every day and there is also an open gym for the students preparing for the army. You can also enjoy Kulhad tea by sitting on the banks of the pond, then there is horse riding and boating and you will also get desi food. And this village has been established by young Siddharth Rai. After studying MBA, he got a job and one day returned to the village. We spoke to him on the entire model of Khurpi Village.

Model of Khurpi Village in discussion
Khurpi Village of Ghazipur is in discussion. Apart from its beauty, there is also a lot of talk on its model. Domestic poultry farming. Eggs are being sold in the market. 4 to 5 people are engaged in this work who are nearby. Apart from this, there are more than 50 other cattle as well. Methane gas is extracted and the dung is handed over to the earthworms. Earthworms are turning it into organic manure by eating it and driving it. Not only is this manure being put in his field, it is also being sold outside to the farmers. In this village there are cows, goats, fish farming, ducks, rooster, earthworms, rabbits and partridges. There is also an ostrich with whom people come to take selfies.

Khurpi Village

This is how Khurpi Village became
Khurpi Village is spread over one and a half acres. It is being seen as a chain of self-employment. Siddharth says about this, ‘After doing MBA, went to Bangalore and also got a job there at a good package. In 2014, this model came to mind and returned to his village during the Lok Sabha elections. After that, he joined and worked with Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha, was also his personal secretary.


Khurpi Village Cows

First started cow rearing in about one and a half acres of land with his friend Abhishek in the middle of the fields near Agusta village, about 5 km from Varanasi Highway. Started milk business. Gradually, the neighboring villages were helped financially for cows and buffaloes and started buying their milk. Seeing the grain being fed to the cows coming out in the dung, the idea of ​​poultry farming came. He started giving cow dung to chickens. The remaining cow dung was packed with the help of earthworms by making indigenous manure. Fish farming, duck farming started by making a pond in the middle. Today, hundreds of people are associated with us and they are getting income in some way or the other.

khurpi 2

Food for all in the Lord’s Kitchen
Prabhu’s kitchen in Khurpi Village is where food is prepared for 100 to 150 people every day. This food is for those poor people who do not have the bread of June 2. Siddharth says that when I came to the village, I saw that the poor have trouble eating. Keeping that in mind, started the kitchen of the Lord. Every day food is prepared from the donations given by the common people. Siddhartha visits many states every year for this, handing over the donated grains to the Lord’s kitchen.

khurpi village

Youth Gym, Girls Sewing Machine, and Book Garden
Siddharth tells that the whole country knows how far district Ghazipur has been in the service of the country. But the area where I live lacks basic facilities for the youth. Keeping this in mind, we started a gym where youth can workout in the morning and evening. Apart from this, the youth engaged in the preparation of the army also get food in the kitchen. There are sewing machines and computer centers for girls where the girls of the village can master themselves. Apart from this, there is also a garden of books where everyone can read books of their own meaning. You have to read these books and return them.

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