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Such a village which is in Gujarat, but will not vote in the assembly elections…

Gujarat is in the mood for the 2022 assembly elections. There are only a few days left in the voting here. All political parties are busy campaigning for their candidates before the two-phase polling on December 1 and 5. Because of this, there is a lot of commotion in Timla village of Chhota Udaipur district of the state. The leaders engaged in the election campaign are not leaving any chance to woo the voters of this village, there is no  There is not much enthusiasm.

It is deserted here. This village is within this district, but despite this the villagers here do not have the right to vote for any candidate in any Gujarat assembly. Geographical and administrative conditions are responsible behind this. Let us know why people of Sajanpur will not be able to participate in this festival of democracy?

The heart of Sajanpur is in MP…

In village Sajanpur Neither are the banners visible anywhere regarding the Gujarat elections. Neither there is noise of loudspeaker nor election discussions are going on. Overall, no effect of election fever is visible here. Life in this village is running at its normal pace. Actually the issue is that this village is within the boundary of Chhota Udaipur district of Gujarat, but from the official point of view, this district and Sajanpur have no connection at all with Gujarat.

This village is a part of Gujarat only from a geographical point of view. Actually officially this Madhya Pradesh  It is a village in Alirajpur district. If seen in this way, the body of Sajanpur is in Gujarat, but the heart and soul are in Madhya Pradesh. Alirajpur district falls in the western part of MP and its village is Sajanpur. Its distance from Alirajpur is only 35 kilometers. According to the 2011 census  Spread over 370.74 hectares, this village has a population of 1244 in 212 families.

The literacy rate of this village is 25.72 percent. Here women are more educated than men and the population is also more than men. There are 598 males and 647 females in the population here. While the literacy rate of males is 23.08 percent, the literacy rate of females is 28.17 percent. Bhavra town, situated 50 kilometers away from the village, is the center of important activities here. This unique village is just 3 kilometers away from the border of its own state, MP. 

Hindi prevails, not Gujarati

Surrounded by villages of Gujarat This village gives an island-like feel. Its border does not seem to be from Madhya Pradesh, but it still comes in this state. If anyone wants to come to this village, he has to come through Gujarat only. Sajanpur is such a village  On whose tongue Gujarati language  It is boarded up, but all the signboards here are in Hindi, even the signboards of the schools are in Hindi. According to the government, the village comes in Madhya Pradesh. The combination of Hindi and Gujarati is visible in the dialect and culture of this village. Even for economic purposes, the villagers here rely only on Gujarat. Gujarat’s mobile and internet also works here.

If the villagers here believe that at the time of country’s independence, people had requested the king of Alirajpur to keep it under his rule. Madhya Pradesh government also respected this and gave good attention to this village. This is the reason why the demand to join Gujarat never arose from this village.

According to a TOI report, the farmer and former sarpanch of the village, 50 years old  Gamji Hiraliya says that we have to pass through villages in Gujarat to reach our state.

While Vikram Rathwa, 24, an agricultural laborer from Sajanpur, says  We speak some Gujarati at home while for administrative work we have to learn Hindi as well." He says his village has cordial relations with nearby villages in Gujarat and also discusses civic and other issues.

Rathva further added, "The people of Sajanpur have no complaint with Madhya Pradesh because despite being so far away from MP, the government takes good care of them."

Dadra is another such village spread over an area of ​​four square kilometres, nestled between Dungra and Lavachha villages in Gujarat, but owes its allegiance to the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. While the surrounding villages have the enthusiasm of the election atmosphere. This  Dadra is unaffected. 



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