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Supreme Court Collegium News: Chief Justice of Allahabad and Gujarat High Court will be promoted, Collegium recommends

New Delhi: The Supreme Court Collegium on Tuesday recommended to the Center the elevation of Allahabad High Court Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal and Gujarat High Court Chief Justice Arvind Kumar as judges of the Supreme Court. According to the resolution uploaded on the website of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India D.Y. All the six members of the collegium, headed by Chandrachud, unanimously recommended Justice Bindal’s name. It added that however, Justice K.K. M. Joseph had objection to recommending the name of Justice Kumar.

The resolution states, ‘All the members of the Collegium were unanimous regarding the appointment of Justice Rajesh Bindal as the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court. However, with regard to the appointment of Justice Arvind Kumar as Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court, Justice Joseph has expressed his objection on the ground that his name may be considered later.

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