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Supreme Court’s advice on discrimination with women officers, said- Army, do your ‘home repair’

New Delhi. The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Army to “set its house in order” and felt that it has not been “fair” to women officers who were granted permanent commission in 2020 on the apex court’s direction. The latter is accused of delaying promotion. A bench of Chief Justice (CJI) DY Chandrachud and Justice PS Narasimha was hearing a plea by 34 women army officers who alleged that junior male officers were considered for promotion to perform ‘combat and commanding roles’ in the Army. He is going.

The bench said, “We feel that you (Army) have not been fair to these women officers. We are going to pass a clear order on Tuesday… You better put your house in order and tell us what you are doing for them. “First of all, don’t announce the results of the male officers who were considered (for promotion) in October, unless you announce their (female) results,” the bench said. The bench asked Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Sanjay Jain and senior advocate R Balasubramanian, appearing for the Center and the armed forces, why they did not consider these women officers for promotion in October.

not sure about your organization
The bench listed the petition for Tuesday to pass the order. When the Centre’s law officers said they were committed to women officers, the CJI said, “We mean Jain (ASG) and Col Bala (senior advocate). I am not sure about your organization. The ASG said that the military establishment is also committed to the cause of women officers. The law officer said that the army has sanctioned 150 seats for the promotion of women military officers.

Even after last hearing, nine male officers get higher rank
Senior advocate V Mohana, appearing for the women officers, said that 1,200 junior male officers have been promoted since the apex court’s decision to grant permanent commission to women officers. He told the bench, ‘Even after the last hearing, nine male officers were kept in higher ranks. There should be no promotion before senior women officers are promoted. He said, ‘I know that lawyers with good intentions are appearing in this case and I am not against lawyers and I am making these complaints against the administration.’

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