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Supreme strictness on hate speech, video recording of Sakal Hindu Samaj program in Mumbai

New Delhi: Instructions have been given to do videography of the Sakal Hindu Samaj meeting to be held in Maharashtra. The Supreme Court has also asked the police to take preventive measures to prevent any kind of hate speech. During the hearing of the matter in the Supreme Court, undertaking was given by the Government of Maharashtra for this. The Supreme Court took on record the undertaking of the state government, in which the state government said that if Sakal Hindu Samaj is allowed to hold a conference on February 5, it would be subject to a condition that no one would give any hate speech and no such Any act will be considered a violation of public order and law.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appeared on behalf of the Government of Maharashtra. He gave an undertaking on behalf of the state government before a bench headed by Justice KM Joseph, which was taken on record by the Supreme Court. During the hearing, the Supreme Court said that if the conference is allowed, then the officers should follow their authority and take precautionary measures in case of any hate speech. During this, the petitioner’s lawyer Kapil Sibal said that the videography of the meeting should be done and the report should be presented before the court. The Supreme Court directed the Police Inspector of the area to videograph the meeting and present the report before the court. The Supreme Court has asked the Solicitor General to come up with instructions on the allegation in which the petitioner has said that during the meeting on January 29, allegations have also been made. However, in the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta also raised questions on the petition and said that the matter is being taken up selectively. What is the interest of the petitioner from Kerala for the event to be held in Maharashtra.

Petitioner’s lawyer Kapil Sibal said that the meeting took place last Sunday and then the participants made serious statements. MPs were also involved in this. The petitioner alleges that it was said in the meeting that the Muslim community should be boycotted socially and economically. The Solicitor General said that Sibal argued for the use of section 151 as a precautionary measure in this case. The Solicitor General said that the petitioners are asking for pre-speech censorship and at the same time talking about pre-speech arrest. In this case, it is already being assumed that there will be hate speech if section 151 is invoked.
A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court saying that the program to be held in Mumbai on February 5 should be banned. The petitioner has alleged that hate speeches are going to take place in this program to be held in Mumbai. The matter was taken up before a Supreme Court bench headed by Justice KM Joseph. And it was said that recently there was another such program in which hate speech was given, so the program of February 5 should be stopped. The petitioner raised this matter in the Supreme Court and said that earlier a similar rally was organized in Mumbai by the Hindu Jan Aakrosh Morcha and 10,000 people had gathered. It was said in the rally that the Muslim community should be boycotted economically and socially.

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