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Supriya got the post Message to Ajit… Sharad Pawar had written the entire script!

Mumbai. Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar announced the appointment of his daughter Supriya Sule and senior MP Praful Patel as working presidents of the party. Ajit Pawar was not given any new responsibility in this announcement of major reshuffle in NCP on Saturday.

Ajit Pawar was often considered the second number leader in the party after Sharad Pawar, both within the NCP and in the eyes of the people. In such a situation, a section within the party is seeing this announcement of Pawar as an attempt to reduce the stature of Ajit Pawar.

Sons and daughters fight for succession
However, according to political experts, this decision taken on Saturday was such a decision whose script had been written long back and was just waiting to be announced. Anyway, whenever it comes to choosing the successor in the political parties of Maharashtra, only sons and daughters win over nephews and nieces.

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Be it the fight between Uddhav and Raj Thackeray as Bal Thackeray’s successor in the Shiv Sena or the fight between daughter Pankaja Munde and nephew Dhananjay Munde on Parli, the traditional seat of senior BJP MP Gopinath Munde. In both the cases the victory was of blood.

Ajit Pawar angry with Sharad Pawar’s decision?
In such a situation, after this decision of the NCP supremo, there was speculation about the displeasure of Ajit Pawar. At the same time, Ajit Pawar, who was present on the dais at the time of the announcement, left the party office without talking to the media. However, defending Sharad Pawar’s decision, Jayant Patil said, ‘Ajit Pawar is not being ignored. He is the Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly. There is a huge responsibility on him.

Recently, the news of increasing closeness between Ajit Pawar and BJP once again was also in headlines. It was being told that Ajit Pawar along with his supporting MLAs can join hands with BJP by breaking NCP. However, BJP leaders completely dismiss these speculations.

BJP leader said – keep an eye on the developments of NCP
On this recent development of NCP, BJP leader Praveen Darekar says, ‘Ajit Pawar’s ability to lead the organization is known to all. In such a situation, it is natural for his supporters to be angry. May be they expected to see him leading the party.

Along with this, he said, ‘As far as BJP is concerned, we are just keeping an eye on the developments. We have no reason to question the internal decision of any party or make any offer to anyone to join us.

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However, NCP general secretary Sunil Tatkare, who is considered close to Ajit Pawar, dismisses the point of displeasure outright. He says, ‘We welcome the verdict. Supriya Sule has proved her mettle as an MP. At the same time, Praful Patel is our senior leader, who has wide experience of national politics. Tatkare also said, ‘Where is the question of being sad? Ajit Pawar was present. He welcomed the decision. All decisions are taken unanimously in the Pawar family.

… then Ajit Pawar will report to Supriya Sule
Last month, when Sharad Pawar announced his decision to resign as party chief, several party leaders and workers urged the Maratha satrap to reconsider his decision. At that time, Ajit Pawar reprimanded those leaders and said, ‘If Pawar saheb wants to appoint someone and prepare him, then why should we object?’

However, Sharad Pawar has named his daughter Supriya Sule as the working president and in-charge of issues related to women, youth, students and Lok Sabha besides party affairs in Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab. In such a situation, now Ajit Pawar will have to report to Sule on the affairs of the party. It is believed that this is such a step, due to which Ajit may have to feel uncomfortable in the party.

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