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Suspicious death of MBBS student of Bihar in Medical College of Kolkata, relatives said-seniors used to do ragging

Jamui, Due to the suspicious death of a medical student studying in the National Institute of Locomotor Disabilities, Kolkata, West Bengal, a mountain broke down on the family of Jamui district. Medical student Priyaranjan alias Golu (21) has died suspiciously and the college says that he has committed suicide, while the relatives are alleging ragging.

Promising in reading and writing, Priyaranjan was from Mahatpur village of Chandradeep police station area of ​​Jamui district. The family members and villagers are agitated after the arrival of the medical student’s body from Kolkata, who blocked the Jamui-Nawada road and demanded action, citing it as a case of murder. The family members allege that Priyaranjan was being tortured by his seniors. It is possible that the same people would have killed him.

According to the information, Priyaranjan, coming from an ordinary family in remote Mahatpur village of the district, was a promising student. With hard work, he got admission in the National Institute for Locomotor Disabilities College in Medical. At present, he was a second year student of medicine. Priyaranjan died suspiciously on Tuesday night. The family members were informed by the college administration that he had committed suicide by hanging himself. After this, the family members reached Kolkata and returned to Jamui with the dead body.

After returning to Jamui, the mourning family and villagers jammed the Sikandra-Nawada road on Chandradeep Chowk over the dead body of the medical student, spoke of the murder and demanded action. In this case, the family members have also given a written application in Kolkata’s Baranagar police station and have accused nine senior students of the medical college of torturing Priyaranjan.

Priyaranjan lived in the hostel

It is being told that the medical student had returned to the college after Chhath Puja. Family members say that he lived in the college hostel only. Where 8 seniors from Orissa used to torture him in the name of ragging, whose complaint was also given by the medical student to the anti-ragging team of the college, but no action was taken against the ragging senior students. It is being told that on November 29 there was a college fresher’s party, for which medical student Priyaranjan himself was involved in the preparation. According to the family members, he had to do anchoring in the fresher’s party as well. He spoke to his family members at 9 pm on Tuesday night, but what happened in the next 3 hours that he died.

Complaint given in the police station-Brother

Priyaranjan’s elder brother Amit Kumar says that 8 senior students and a girl student studying in the college used to torture him, whose complaint was also given to the Anti Ragging Squad. His brother cannot commit suicide, he has been murdered. Brother alleges that the complaint has been given in Kolkata’s Baranagar police station. But the college staff or senior students were not questioned. Chandradeep police station president Abdul Haleem, who reached the spot on the information of the road jam, told that whatever action will be taken related to the law will be taken by contacting the Kolkata Police in this matter.

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