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Sweety with Sheru: Dhol, Haldi ceremony took place at the wedding of two dogs, cards were printed and the wedding procession also came

Gurugram/New Delhi: The cards were printed, the names of the processions were written. The food menu was also kept special. Something that both the ‘groom’ and the ‘bride’ would like. You will feel that what is different in this, it happens in every marriage. No, there is a slight twist in the story here. Actually, Sheru (male dog) and Sweety (female) have been married according to Indian matrimonial customs in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi. Traditionally, as is the case in homes, a musical program was also held. The program went on for three days and Sheru-Sweety barked and fulfilled the ritual of keeping promises. After this the processions blessed both of them.

The family members got emotional seeing the couple
The marriage of two dogs in Palam Vihar Extension is the talk of the town. At a time when societies in Delhi-NCR are witnessing a different kind of anger and complaints about dogs, two families from Gurugram Colony decided to organize a wedding ceremony for their dogs. The special thing is that they had picked up these dogs from the road a few years ago and brought them home. He raised the dogs like his own child and then got them married. Both the families had also become emotional.

Doggy’s wedding invitation.

100 cards were also distributed
The interesting thing is that both the families tried their best that as it happens in Indian customs, all that should be done in the marriage of Sheru and Sweety. Even ‘pheres’ happened. The owners of the dogs told that they had invited the processions by distributing 100 cards for this unique wedding.

some people didn’t like
Raja, who raised Sweety like his own child, became emotional at the time of marriage. He sells tea. When he sent the dog’s wedding card, some people did not like it but he did not change the program.

i raised like a child
Savita aka Rani, guardian of female dog Sweety, said, ‘I am an animal lover and take care of them. I do not have children, so we brought up Sweety as a child. My husband goes to the temple and feeds the animals. One day the dog came home chasing. This was three years ago. We named her Sweety. He said that everyone used to say that we should get Sweety married. We discussed and made a program in four days. We decided to follow all the traditions.

Rani tells that when there were no children for a long time, despair and loneliness began to haunt her. To some extent, that deficiency has been fulfilled with the arrival of Sweety. After she came, we raised her like our own daughter. She tells that while sleeping Sweety holds her and sleeps.

sheru story
Sheru lived at a distance from his house. Kamlesh and Deepak picked him up from the road and brought him to their home eight years ago. Kamlesh said, ‘We have brought him up like a child. We never treated him any differently. We used to joke that one day we will get her married. I did not think that this would come true. Both the neighbors were good friends and they decided to get their dogs married.



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