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Taiwan News: Taiwan’s ministers coming to India with full force and China will be restless, know why

New Delhi : Due to America’s standing in support of Taiwan, China keeps an eye on every small and big incident. Two months ago, when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane landed in Taiwan, there were fears in the media whether there could be a war between the US and China over Taiwan? Actually, Taiwan has always been such a campaign for China, which has not been completed till date. China claims it as its own and the Taiwanese government describes itself as the ‘real China’. Meanwhile, as Taiwan’s top ministers are coming to India with their entourage, China is bound to be restless. Taiwan wants to set up a semiconductor manufacturing industry in India. Its focus is also on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). In view of the deteriorating situation on the border after China’s antics in eastern Ladakh, the increasing proximity between India and Taiwan is considered very important.

Then said, India is playing with fire
Whenever the leaders of Taiwan came to India earlier, China kept protesting. When a parliamentary delegation from Taiwan visited Delhi in 2017, China had warned that India should follow the ‘One China’ policy and not have any official relations with Taipei. Chinese state media had said that India was playing with fire by hosting the Taiwanese delegation. In fact, China wants the countries with which it has diplomatic relations not to have any official relationship with Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its own and claims to have reunited it at any cost.

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Taiwan specializes in manufacturing semiconductors
Relations between India and China are not going well. Here, India is going to host the cabinet delegation of Taiwan this week. An industry delegation from Taiwan is also coming to Delhi with him. Taiwan is the world’s leading producer of semiconductors. It wants to share its expertise with India in key areas like Semiconductor, 5G, Information Security and Artificial Intelligence.

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Taiwan’s Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Chern-chi is coming to Delhi. Taiwan’s representative to India Baushuam Geer said a few weeks ago that both the countries should sign the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) at the earliest. The Taiwanese representative stressed that the deal will eliminate all barriers to trade and investment and help create a stronger supply chain.

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The joint venture between Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing company Foxconn and India’s metal-mining company Vedanta is moving towards setting up a semiconductor plant in Gujarat. Production can start here in 2025. India’s economic ties with Taiwan have strengthened in the last decade. Agriculture, investment, railways, civil aviation, industrial cooperation, SME cooperation, etc. have increased. Both sides are ahead in their respective fields.

Bilateral trade between India and Taiwan increased from $2 billion in 2006 to $5.7 billion in 2020. Talking about investment, there are about 106 Taiwanese companies operating in various sectors of India. Their total investment is about $ 1.5 billion.



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