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Tamil Nadu- Serious allegations on young IPS officer, 10 youths said- our teeth were pulled out with plastic

Tirunelveli. In Tamil Nadu, 10 youths from Ambasamudram have alleged that their teeth were pulled out with plasma on the orders of ASP Balveer Singh (IPS), while 2 men said that their testicles were crushed. In this regard, a complaint was given to the local collector, on which he has ordered an inquiry by the SDM. Political organizations including Netaji Subhash Sena and Purchi Bharatam have launched protests demanding action against the ASP. Netaji Subhash Sena’s advocate Maharajan alleged that Balveer Singh has so far removed the teeth of about 40 people in his area.

According to the information, ASP Balveer Singh is a 2020 batch IPS officer who has obtained BE degree from IIT-Bombay. He was posted as ASP in Ambasamudram on October 15, 2022. The youths who complained to him were arrested for different criminal cases. He was arrested after complaints like breaking CCTV, domestic dispute, mutual fight. Tirunelveli Collector KP Karthikeyan said that the investigation has been started.

The owner of the mutton shop had a dispute with the other side in the love affair
In the discussion with the media, a young man Chellappa said that he has a mutton shop in Sivanthipuram, which he runs along with his brothers. He had a dispute with another group regarding love affair. On this, the police arrested people from both sides. In the beginning of this month, when we were kept in the police station, then two other policemen including ASP’s gunman caught me and then Balveer Singh hurt my teeth with some blue metal and my lips were also torn. After this stones were stuffed in my mouth and then my face was attacked. After this my brothers and relatives were called and they were also beaten up. His teeth were pulled out with wire cutters. When three teeth of one of my brothers were extracted, blood was coming out from the mouth of all the brothers.

newly married brother’s testicles crushed
Chellapa said that when Balveer Singh started beating my brother Mariyappan, we requested him not to do so as he was newly married. He then crushed my brother’s testicles and kicked him on the chest. Mariyappan’s condition is not good, he is still in bed.

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