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Tamilnadu Car Blast: Suicide bomber was trying to blow up temple and house, NIA got clues in Tamil Nadu car blast

Coimbatore: The 29-year-old engineering graduate who was killed in the Coimbatore car blast is suspected to be a suicide bomber. The NIA, which is probing the case, feared that the suspected assailant may have been a novice in the use of explosives due to which he failed in his mission and no damage was caused to the area around the temple. It is worth noting that last Sunday, an LPG explosion took place in a car in Coimbatore, in which a person named Jamisha Mubin was killed.

An eyewitness told the police that as soon as Mubin stopped the car at 4 am in front of the Sangameshwara temple in Kottaimedu area, it exploded immediately. Surrounded by flames, Mubin got out of the car and fell to the ground a short distance away. Eyewitnesses told NIA investigators that by the time someone reached there, the body was completely burnt.

Many houses could also come with the temple.
“As part of the plot of this attack, several houses adjacent to the temple could have been hit by the explosion of one or two LPG cylinders kept in the car,” investigators said. It is feared that Mubin may have turned radical after coming into contact with IS but he was not properly trained. Whatever information he had about the handling of explosives, he had either read it from somewhere or looked it up on the internet.

Six suspects arrested in this case told NIA during interrogation that Mubin thought that his suicide bombing mission would cause destruction in the area within a radius of 50 to 100 meters and some houses including the temple would also come under its purview.

In the CCTV footage, explosives were seen filling the car.
On Saturday, a day before the attack, Mubin and two of his associates – Mohammad Azharuddin and K. Afsar Khan had kept two LPG cylinders in the car along with three steel drums filled with potassium nitrate, aluminum powder, sulphur, charcoal and nails etc. The CCTV cameras also have footage of the incident.

Footage from other cameras shows movement of Mubin and his associates in the area before the attack. The trio also did Reiki at the Koniyaman Temple and Puliyakulam Mundhi Vinayagar Temple at Big Bazaar street.

Former NIA officer helped in investigation
Mubin and his two arrested accomplices had also gone to the LPG booking center at Gandhi Park where they had bought two cylinders from a damaged car. After this, all three reached the Old Market area in Loripet from where they bought steel drums. Former NIA officer Shivakumar proved to be helpful in linking the terror plotting link.

A source said, “It was the former NIA officer who had questioned Mubin in 2019 regarding his terror links. It was he who initiated the investigation of Mubin’s house where 75 kg of explosive material was seized.

The accused had met people associated with ISIS
One of the six accused in the Coimbatore blasts case has confessed during interrogation that he had met two people in a Kerala jail who had links with the ISIS group involved in the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka. According to police sources, Firoz Ismail admitted that he had met Mohammad Azharuddin and Rashid Ali, who are lodged in a jail in Kerala. He said further inquiries were being conducted to ascertain the motive of their meeting. Police said the five accused were taken to their homes and searched.

Governor asked- Why did it take 4 days to call the NIA?
Tamil Nadu Governor R. N Ravi termed the car blast as an attempt to carry out a major terror attack. He said the explosives and chemicals found later were enough to suggest that they had planned a series of attacks. He was addressing a program at JSS Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Science and Hospitals.

Ravi said, “The incident that happened a few days back in the district was an attempt to carry out a major terror attack. The question is why it took more than four days to call the NIA when the Tamil Nadu Police caught the suspects within a few hours. Ravi said, “Those involved in the car blast case were already on our radar. Where did we go wrong? Did our surveillance system not work?’



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