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‘Target killing not Suri’s murder…’ Police said- claim was made to spoil the atmosphere

Sudhir Suri Murder: Yesterday, on Friday (November 4), Shiv Sena Taksali leader Sudhir Suri was murdered in Amritsar. In this case, the Amritsar Police has not found any evidence of Khalistani conspiracy behind the murder. Sandeep Singh had fired bullets on Sudhir Suri. Surprisingly, it was never before Sandeep Singh met Sandeep Suri.

He was only hurt by Suri’s statements coming on social media. During interrogation, the police have come to know that Sandeep Singh had seen Sudhir Suri for the first time on Friday. When Shiv Sena leader Gopal had reached outside the temple with some companions to protest against the temple management on the issue of cleanliness.

Five bullets fired on Suri
Sandeep Suri started the dharna at 3 pm. The police had reached there at 3.20 pm. 31-year-old Sandeep Singh had a garment shop nearby. In the presence of the police, Sandeep Singh came out of the shop and came to the spot. While roaming around for a while, the police were engrossed in talking about ending the protest. Then Sandeep took the opportunity and fired five bullets at Sudhir Suri. Sandeep opened fire with his 32 bore licensed weapon. Sandeep had already got his gun license five years ago.

trying to disturb the communal atmosphere
To spoil the communal atmosphere of Punjab, Khalistani and his supporters gangsters from abroad are making claims of killing Sudhir Suri on social media. There is no such case when the murder was committed in the presence of the police with a licensed weapon to carry out such a conspiracy to murder.

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Under the conspiracy, there is a plan to kill from Reiki to provide illegitimate weapons. By carrying out the crime, a plan is made to escape from the police and not to leave evidence at the scene of an incident. Helps to save the perpetrator. Safe havens are sought.

Khalistani gangster claims weak
The claims of Gopal Chawla and gangster Lakhbir Landa are being considered wrong. No weapon was given in the murder, neither stopped, nor money came, nor was there any attempt to escape. The attacker opened fire with a licensed weapon in the presence of the police. Have gangsters or their mercenaries ever committed any crime before? The attacker Sandeep Singh saw Sudhir Suri for the first time and shot him. Just talking nonsense on social media.

Sandeep Suri got the Y category.
Due to Sudhir Suri’s tongue, many henchmen of the gangsters had done his recce, so Suri was given Y category security by the Punjab Police. Gopal Chawla and Lakhveer Landa are trying to pat their back for this massacre. Which can act as a fire to fight two classes in Punjab. The Punjab Police has not found any evidence of the attacker having links with ISI or gangsters. Sandeep has been taken on police remand for 7 days.

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