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Targeting China to Pakistan on the pretext of PFI, know how Amit Shah taught a lesson on terror

New Delhi : Referring to the ban on PFI in the country, Union Minister Amit Shah indirectly targeted Pakistan as well as China. The Union Minister was speaking at the conclusion of the two-day No Money for Terror Ministerial Conference in Delhi. Shah said that some countries, their governments and agencies have made terrorism a state policy. He said that it is necessary to tighten all kinds of crackdown along with economic sanctions on Terror Havens. Without naming China, Shah said that some countries repeatedly support terrorists and those who give shelter to terrorism. Amit Shah said that recently the Government of India has banned an organization conspiring to radicalize the youth and push them towards terror under the guise of social activities. I believe that every country should identify such institutions and take action against them. The Home Minister said that no single country or any single organization, however powerful it may be, can defeat terrorism alone! India hosted the third edition of the No Money for Terror conference. It was attended by 450 delegates from 78 countries. The global strategy against the financing of terrorism was discussed here.

Countries rise above geopolitical interests
Targeting Pakistan, Amit Shah said that some countries, their governments and their agencies have made ‘terrorism’ their official policy. He said that along with strict economic sanctions against these terrorist sanctuaries, it is also necessary to stop their unbridled activities. The Union Home Minister said that all the countries of the world have to make up their mind in this regard rising above their geo-political interests. At the same time, indirectly targeting China, Shah said that it is being seen that some countries repeatedly support terrorists and those who give shelter to terrorism. It may be known that last year China had put a hurdle in the proposal to declare Lashkar terrorist Shahid Mehmood as a global terrorist.

Terror funding is a bigger threat than terrorism, it is the collective responsibility of all countries to curb it: Shah
Money laundering of $2-4 trillion every year
Sharing the World Bank and IMF’s estimate of $2-4 trillion money laundering every year, Amit Shah warned that a large part of it is used to spread terrorism. He said that the agencies and concerned authorities should focus on preventing fund diversion while fighting the hidden faces in the financial network. Also it is necessary to ban the use of money for terrorist activities, other crimes. Apart from this, there is a need to stop the use of new financial technologies, virtual assets like crypto currency, wallets etc. for terrorist activities.

‘Some countries have made terrorism a state policy…’, Amit Shah targets PAK
terrorism has no boundaries
The Union Home Minister said, I believe that terrorism has no international boundaries. In such a situation, all countries should think beyond politics and cooperate with each other. Shah said all countries have to agree on a common definition of ‘terrorism’ and ‘terror financing’. This is because it is an issue of protection of citizens and their human and democratic rights. That’s why terrorism should not be made a political issue. He said that everyone should fight this war against terrorism and terrorist groups, in every geographical area, in every virtual area.

Terror is terror, can’t be justified by maneuver… Jaishankar washed China-Pak without taking names
Promotion of extremism under the guise of terrorism
Shah said that there are many instances when, under the guise of other objectives, some organizations promote terrorism and radicalism at the national and international level. The Home Minister said that terrorists understand information technology and cyberspace very well. They also understand the sensitivity of the public and exploit them. Cyberspace has today become a major battleground in the fight against terrorism. Shah said that terrorism cannot be allowed to succeed in its designs. He said that it has taken such a huge form that its effect is visible at every level. At the conference, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar said the ‘No Money for Terror’ platform aims to broad-base the larger fight against the financing of terrorism. Jaishankar said that when it comes to terrorism, we will never look back. The External Affairs Minister said that we will never compromise and will leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to ensure justice.



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