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Tata engineers have to be praised, solved the biggest problem of CNG car


The Punch is the first car in India to get twin-cylinder technology.
The Panch factory fitted CNG will be offered across all available variants.
The Punch CNG model will cost Rs 1 lakh more when launched.

CNG Cars: Now the demand for CNG cars is increasing in India. Most of the car companies in the country are now offering CNG option in their budget models. The reason for this is the demand for more mileage in vehicles and the rising cost of petrol and diesel. But, the biggest problem of CNG cars is that the trunk of the car i.e. boot space gets over. After installing the cylinder, there is hardly any storage space left. However, Tata Motors has now found a solution to this problem.

Tata Motors has showcased the Tata Punch CNG version of its sub-compact SUV at the Auto Expo 2023. The most special thing about this CNG model is that instead of one big cylinder, 2 CNG cylinders have been installed in it. The amazing thing is that both the cylinders have been arranged in such a way that even the boot space is not overcrowded. In fact, the company has fitted the cylinders at the bottom of the boot where the spare wheel used to be placed. Now the spare wheel has been given below. This has saved a lot of boot space.

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What will be the power output?
The Punch is the first car in India to get twin-cylinder technology. Each cylinder in this is of 30 litres. Apart from this, a sunroof has also been given for the first time in the Punch CNG displayed in the expo pavilion. A feature that is expected to be introduced in the Punch range soon. The Punch i-CNG will be powered by the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that powers the current model. Like the Tiago and Tigor, this engine produces 85bhp and 113Nm in petrol mode and around 72bhp and 95Nm in CNG mode. Similar power output can be seen in the punch as well.

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How much will be the cost?
Like the Tiago CNG and the Tigor CNG, the factory fitted CNG will be offered across all available variants. Upon launch, the price of the Punch CNG model is also expected to be around Rs 70,000-90,000 more than the standard model. Tata Punch price starts at Rs. 6.00 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 9.54 Lakh. This price is ex showroom. Tata Punch is offered in 30 variants The base model of Punch is Pure and the top variant is Tata Punch Kaziranga Edition.

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