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Terror funding network will collapse, Home Minister Amit Shah’s strong action, big decisions taken after meeting with IB officers


Home Minister Amit Shah held a big meeting with IB officers
Issues were discussed in the day-long meeting, the minister gave many instructions
Praised the IB and boosted the morale of the officers

New Delhi. The country’s Home Minister Amit Shah has praised the Central Intelligence Bureau and said that since independence, without any success in maintaining peace in the country, anonymously, the IB has done a lot of work. has made a significant contribution. He was meeting with the top intelligence officers of the country regarding the internal security of India in the IB Headquarters. This was the third time within a month. Prominent IB officers from across the country were present in this and the meeting lasted throughout the day. In this meeting, extensive discussions were held on various issues related to national security including counter terrorism, threats from extremism, cyber security related issues, border related aspects and threats from cross border elements to the integrity and stability of the nation.

During the meeting, Minister Amit Shah said that the central government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to ensure the security of the nation by strengthening all aspects of security. The Union Home Minister said that our fight is with terrorism as well as its support system, till we do not fight strictly against both of them, the victory over terrorism cannot be achieved. It was agreed in the meeting that there is a need to further strengthen the information sharing and information sharing process between counter-terrorism and anti-drug agencies of the states, to dismantle its financial and logistical support system to combat LWE. need. Apart from this, the need for Coastal Security was also discussed in this meeting.

The country’s coastal security needs to be strengthened

In this meeting of the Intelligence Bureau, the Home Minister told the officials that we have to make the country’s coastal security impenetrable as well, for this we should keep a close eye on even the smallest and most isolated port. Another issue was the business of drugs ie Narcotics, the Home Minister mentioned. According to him, it not only destroys the young generation of the country, but the money earned from it also affects the internal security of the country, so we have to work together for its complete destruction. In recent times, the way in which an attempt has been made to transport narcotics from Pakistan and other neighboring countries to India by sea. In view of this, the Home Minister warned the intelligence officers about the danger and insisted on making a comprehensive strategy.

Make a strong strategy for internal security, work on a war footing, intelligence officers

Apart from this, the manner in which attempts are being made to carry out terrorist incidents through hybrid terrorists in Kashmir and efforts are being made to increase Khalistani terrorist activities in Punjab, Home Minister Amit Shah has also warned the intelligence officers of the country. level to work. It is worth noting that before this meeting of the Intelligence Bureau, Home Minister Amit Shah has had a meeting with the Chief Ministers and Home Ministers of all the states of the country regarding the internal security. Before that, the Home Minister has also addressed a conference of Interpol. It is clear that every official related to the internal security of the country, at the international level and and in India, the Home Minister is communicating with political representatives and asking them to make a strong strategy, if someone tries to weaken India’s internal security, then a strong system Let that attempt fail immediately.

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