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Terror is terror, can’t be justified by maneuver… Jaishankar washed China-Pak without taking names

New Delhi: Foreign Minister S. Without naming terrorism, Jaishankar lashed out at neighboring Pakistan and its sympathizer China. A day earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had targeted Pakistan and said that countries which support terrorism in their foreign policy should be forced to pay the price. Taking the lead on Saturday, Jaishankar said that the tendency to use terrorism as a state policy still persists in some countries and others try to justify it. This has led to an increase in the level and intensity of the threat posed by terrorism in recent years. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar was addressing the ‘No Money for Terror’ conference organized against Terror Funding. It is worth noting that Pakistan and Afghanistan were not invited in this meeting. China was invited but did not participate.

Terror is terror. It can never be justified by political maneuvering. The fight against terrorism must be fought resolutely on all fronts, in all situations and everywhere.

Jaishankar (targeting China-Pakistan)

He advocated a uniform and concerted approach to deal with terrorism and said that countries across the world should rise above political differences to deal with this menace. Jaishankar said, ‘Terror is terror and it can never be justified by political maneuvering. The world needs to rise above political differences to deal with this crisis. The fight against terrorism should be fought firmly on every front, in every situation and everywhere.

Some countries help terrorists, some are obstructionists… PM Modi told Pakistan, China a lot on terrorism
alliance between pakistan and china
Jaishankar was clearly referring to Pakistan and China. However, he did not name any country. China has always been obstructing the UN’s efforts to declare the commanders of terrorist organizations operating in Pakistan as ‘global terrorists’. Explaining India’s stand, he said, “When it comes to terrorism, we will never look back, we will never compromise and will leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to ensure justice.”

Some countries are repeatedly supporting terrorism and have made it their official policy. There is a need for economic sanctions against the safe havens of terrorism… No one country or organization can deal with terrorism alone.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Source of Fake Charity and NGO Terror Funding
The Indian Foreign Minister bluntly said that fake charities and fake NGOs have become a source of terror funding in today’s time, therefore it has become necessary to curb them. He called for an end to the supply of all types of weapons and material related to terrorists, as well as to cooperate with countries where or against whose citizens terrorist activities are carried out. He said India is determined to work with like-minded partner countries against terrorism as it threatens global security and stability.

‘Some countries have made terrorism a state policy…’, Amit Shah targets PAK
The External Affairs Minister said that under its presidency in the United Nations Security Council, India will organize a program on the theme ‘Threats to international peace and security due to terrorist activities’ on 15 December. Jaishankar said that the threat of terrorism has increased because the tendency of terrorists to acquire hi-tech technology has increased. Radical ideologies spread rapidly through their provocative messages.

The two-day conference, which ended on Saturday, was organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It was attended by 450 delegates from more than 75 countries and international organizations.



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