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Testing of Sickle Cell Anemia will be done in tribal belt, card will be given if positive, know details

New Delhi. The central government has increased the expenditure on health in the budget of the year 2023-24. This time the government has given special attention to the health sector. On the other hand, if we talk about tribal, a lot has been thought for the tribal groups as well. In addition, the government sickle cell anemia The goal of eliminating has been prepared. By 2047, awareness will be increased among people about sickle cell anemia. It will be under a mission. This disease is mostly found in 200 districts of 6 states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Many questions are going on in the minds of the people that what is this disease after all? Who gets sickle cell anemia? What is its status in India? Read this report to get answers to all these questions.

What is sickle cell anemia

Senior Consultant Genetics Dr. Sunita says that sickle cell disease is a disease related to anemia. This can also be called blood cell disorder. When the blood cells either break down or their size and shape start changing and blockage occurs in the blood vessels, then it becomes sickle cell anemia. Sometimes due to lack of blood, it also damages many organs. Sickle cell anemia is a genetic blood disorder in children. According to the Ministry of Health, the age of such patients remains only for 40-45 years.

What is this plan? How will this mission be completed?

In the mission that has been prepared for this disease, testing will be done through sickle card. From this, it can already be known by the test whether both men or women have this disease or not. After this, if its symptoms are found in the child, then later abortion can also be done through the test. More and more people will be made aware so that they can understand about this disease. Now there will be screening as well and this test is as easy as pregnancy To test

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Senior Consultant Dr. Anupam Sachdev says that testing will be started for this in the tribal sector. In the tribal section, both women and men will get a card for being positive. If both are positive then it will be advised not to marry each other. If both male and female are positive then the child has 100% chance of being sickle cell anaemia. If one of the two is positive, there is a 50% chance that the child will have the disease.

Mission will start from tribal dominated Chhattisgarh

One in every 86 children in the tribal population in India is born with sickle cell anaemia. In this disease, the red blood cells present in the child’s blood are affected. Hemoglobin is less in their body due to which the child cannot live a long life.

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