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That voice which resided in people’s hearts like heartbeats, know who Amin Sayani was – India TV Hindi

Amin Sayani, artist of the world of voice

Today people identify themselves by their face, but there have been some personalities whose existence has been their voice. After independence came the era of listening to radio. The decade of seventies, eighties and nineties were like this, when there was an amazing craze among people for listening to radio. Then radio was not just a sound, it was a feeling. Who knows, he was a companion in many moments. After independence, among those who took radio to the common people and increased its popularity, the top name is that of Amin Sayani. There was a time when Amin Sayani was the voice of radio. The voice of radio was Amin Sayani. Today ‘Radio King’ Amin Sayani passed away. He died at the age of 91 due to heart attack.

Relationship of ‘Brothers and Sisters’

The word ‘brothers and sisters’ is used today by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in almost all his speeches. This term became popular when Amin Sayani presented ‘Binaka Geetmala’ from Radio Ceylon in 1952. As soon as his super hit program ‘Binaka Geetmala’ started on the radio, time seemed to stop. When this voice resonates on the radio at 8:00 pm with great enthusiasm and melodiousness “Yes brothers and sisters, I am your friend Ameen Sayani and you are listening to Binaka Geetmala”, then a magic would work. People used to sit with their hearts held. A heavy and soulful sound would come from Radio Ceylon. Joking with the audience, teasing them, telling them interesting stories, taking interviews of artists and adding the flavor of Hindi film songs to all this.

people went crazy about the voice

The 30-minute long ‘Binaka Geetmala’ program became everyone’s favorite in the year 1952 and remained popular for almost half a decade. Earlier its name was ‘Binaka Geetmala’, then it became ‘Hit Parade’ and ‘Sibaka Geetmala’. People became crazy about Amin Sayani’s voice and he created an affinity with the listeners. Amin Sayani, who made his mark with All India Radio, started his career in the year 1952. He worked in Vividh Bharati of All India Radio for more than 40 years. His way of presenting the show and the way of interviewing artists, presenting plays and one-act plays, musical programmes, quizzes, film promotions and trailers was quite different.

Amin Sayani, artist of the world of voice

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Amin Sayani, artist of the world of voice

Amin Sayani wanted to become a singer

Amin Sayani completed his education from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He also did theatre. Also learned classical music. He used to sing very well. Amin Sayani wanted to become a singer, but later his voice broke and singing became difficult. This is the reason why he later gave up his intention of becoming a singer. On the advice of Amin Sayani’s elder brother Hamid Sayani, Amin Sayani applied for Hindi broadcaster in All India Radio, but his voice was rejected for radio. He was rejected saying, “Your skill in reading scripts is good, but Mr. Sayani, your speech is too much of Gujarati and English, which is not good for radio.”

His voice was rejected for radio

Amin Sayani was quite shocked after being rejected for radio. They became disappointed. He approached his elder brother Hamid Sayani, who asked Amin to listen to the Hindi programs of the radio station during the recording. Amin Sayani devoted his entire life to learning and following the art of broadcasting and later he became a big name in radio.

Amin Sayani has done 54 thousand programs

Amin Sayani was born on 21 December 1932 in a family that played a big role in India’s independence. For 14 years, he used to help his mother Kulsoom Sayani in editing a fortnightly journal named ‘Rahbar’. His brother Hamid Sayani was a famous broadcaster. It was he who introduced Amin Sayani to acting, direction, anchoring and All India Radio. His brother was associated with All India Radio, Mumbai for about ten years. He had made many programs in English.

Amin Sayani also made many programs like- S. Kumar’s film Sude and film meeting which became very popular first in Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and then on Vividh Bharati. He presented All India Radio’s first sponsored show ‘Saradon Ke Sathi’ for 4 years. Some of the other shows she presented were ‘Bournvita Quiz Contest’ and ‘Shalimar Superlac Jodi’. Apart from these he has also appeared on many international radio shows like Mini Insertions of Filmstar Interviews, Music for the Million, Geetmala Ki Yaadein and Hungamain. Awaaz world artist Amin Sayani has done about 54 thousand programs.

The family has direct connection with Mahatma Gandhi

Amin Sayani was also directly related to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Rahmatullah Sahni, uncle of Amin Sayani’s father, not only helped Mahatma Gandhi become a lawyer, but also took him with him to South Africa. Not only this, Amin Sayani’s maternal grandfather Tajab Ali Patel was the doctor of Maulana Azad as well as Gandhi. Amin Sayani’s mother Kulsoom Sahni was also very fond of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji considered Kulsoom Sayani as his daughter. Kulsoom Sayani especially worked a lot for the literacy of women. Mahatma Gandhi was deeply impressed by his work. On the advice of Gandhiji, Kulsoom Sayani started a magazine in Devanagari, Gujarati and Urdu languages, named ‘Rahbar’. Amin Sayani was 10-11 years old at that time. He also became fully associated with the magazine. At that time Amin Sayani did not know much Hindi, because his initial training was in Gujarati.

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