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The beauty of the queen had become the enemy, To save the pride from the Afghan Sardar, she had taken the water tomb; story of love and lust

Rani Kamalapati was married to Nizam Shah, son of King Suraj Singh Shah of Ginnaurgarh, 55 km from Bhopal. In 1700, the Nizam had built a seven-storey palace in Bhopal as a love for the exquisite queen, the stairs of which opened at the mouth of the small lake. The queen had a son, whose name was Naval Shah. Chan Singh, the son of the landlord of Bari fort in Raisen district, who was desirous of marrying the queen even after marriage, invited Nizam Shah for a meal and killed him by poisoning the food and after finding the queen alone, attacked the Ginnaurgarh fort. As a result, Rani Kamlapati came to Bhopal’s Kamlapati palace with her son Naval Shah, loyalists, warlords and treasure and started living in hiding. (Photo: Sunil Kumar Gupta/News 18 Hindi)

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