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The convicts in Chhawla gangrape are now released after the death sentence, read what the family and his lawyer said

New Delhi. Chhawla Gang Rape by Supreme Court
All the accused (Accused) were raised on Monday. Families are disappointed with this decision of the Supreme Court. The victim’s father said, ‘We are broken by the Supreme Court’s decision. Today, the words of the accused have proved to be true, which they used to say in the court premises. In the court premises itself, the accused used to threaten to kill us. Still, we will continue the fight ahead. Let us inform that on 9 February 2012, a 19-year-old girl from Uttarakhand was kidnapped from Chhawla area of ​​Delhi. On February 14, the girl’s body was recovered from Rewari in Haryana. In this case, first the lower court of Delhi and then the High Court had also sentenced the three accused to death, but on Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the release of the three convicts, giving them the benefit of doubt.

On Monday, the Supreme Court said in its decision that the government side had failed to give concrete evidence, so the court had no option but to acquit the accused in this case related to this heinous crime. The Supreme Court also said that the court does not permit punishment to anyone on the ground of morality or doubt. The Delhi High Court had said in the hearing of the same case, ‘These are the violent animals, who find prey on the streets.’

The victim’s father has said that we are broken by the Supreme Court’s decision. (file photo)

After the decision of the Supreme Court, the aggrieved party has these options
The victim’s father said in a conversation with News18 Hindi, ‘Who am I to speak on the Supreme Court’s decision? I don’t understand how the Supreme Court overturned the decision. The Supreme Court did not do justice to us. Despite this, we will continue the fight. Our lawyers have said that you should not be disappointed, we will file an appeal in the big bench.

The counsel for the aggrieved party has this to say
In the Chhawla gangrape-murder case, Charu Wali Khanna, the lawyer of the victim’s side, says in a conversation with News18 Hindi, ‘This case was kept in the rarest of rare category. The sentence awarded by the lower court was also upheld by the High Court. The special thing is that the expert who did the DNA of this case, the same expert also did the DNA test of the Nirbhaya case. In such a situation, we have now decided to file a review petition. The review petition is made in front of the same judge, who has given the decision. Now one judge of this case has retired, so we are going to file review petition in the bench of five judges.

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On February 19, 2014, the trial court of Delhi sentenced all the accused in the Chhawla gang rape to death. (signal picture)

When did the Chhawla gang rape happen?
Let us tell you that on February 9, 2012, a 19-year-old victim, who worked in a private company in Gurugram, was returning home. She was abducted from near her house in Chhawla Camp. A few days later, the girl’s body was found in Rodai village of Haryana’s Rewari district, with multiple injuries and burn marks. The autopsy revealed that he was attacked with car tools, glass bottles and sharp metal objects.

What did the High Court say about the three accused?
The three alleged accused Rahul, Ravi and Vinod were sentenced to death by a trial court in Delhi on February 19, 2014. The trial court’s decision was upheld by the Delhi High Court on 26 August the same year and held that the brutal manner in which the girl was mutilated and raped before and after the girl was abducted.

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In the court, Delhi Police opposed the release of the accused. (signal picture)

What do people say about this decision?
Now many social organizations and people associated with politics are also reacting to the acquittal of the accused. A meeting of social and cultural organizations associated with Uttarakhand has been called on Tuesday at Garhwal Bhawan on Panchkuian Road. Brijmohan Upreti, president of Uttarakhand Lok Manch in Delhi, tells News18, ‘If the three accused, who were hanged from the lower court and the high court, are not guilty, then who are? Only the court and the state should tell who is the killer of the girl. We will appeal against this decision of the Supreme Court.

Has the lobby weakened?
At the same time, Uttarakhand Congress has said that if all the three accused have been acquitted, then there has been weak lobbying from the government. In such a situation, the Delhi government should now go to the big bench against this decision. Let us tell you that after the decision of the High Court, the convicts filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. Delhi Police had also opposed the reduction of punishment before the court and said that this crime is not only against the victim, but it is a crime against the society.

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A three-judge bench in the Supreme Court said in its decision that punishment cannot be imposed on the basis of feelings.

What is the logic of the culprits in the court
At the same time, the lawyer appearing for the convicts in the Supreme Court had said that in this case the age, family background and criminal record of his clients should also be kept in mind. A young Vinod is mentally weak. Also, the injuries suffered by the victim were not that serious. However, opposing this contention, Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bharti said that there were 16 serious injuries and after the girl’s death, she was hit with 10 blows. Such crimes compel parents to cut off the wings of their daughters.

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Overall, during the hearing in the Supreme Court on 7 April, a three-judge bench said in its decision that the punishment cannot be given by looking at the feelings. Punishment is given on the basis of logic and evidence. After this, a bench of CJI UU Lalit, Justice S Ravindra Bhat and Justice Bela Trivedi acquitted the convicts. However, CJI UU Lalit has retired after delivering the verdict on Monday. In such a situation, the aggrieved party has now decided to appeal before the bench of five judges.

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