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‘The darkness has started to dissipate, slowly the lotus is seen blooming’ – PM Modi in Telangana

PM Modi in Telangana: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Telangana on Saturday (November 12) on a two-day ‘mission’ to South India. Addressing a public meeting here, he said that now the darkness has started to dissipate and the lotus is slowly blooming. He further said that I consider it my good fortune to meet you as a worker and I am very impressed with the workers here. The PM further said, “The government immersed in despair is persecuting you, yet you are standing firm.”

‘Injustice is being done to Telangana’s talent’

Targeting the KCR government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I regret that those who progressed in the name of Telangana pushed Telangana backward. People here are continuously doing injustice to the talent of Telangana, but when Darkness increases a lot, in the same situation the lotus begins to bloom.” PM Modi said that due to the BJP workers here, the darkness has started to disappear.

‘Lotus will bloom everywhere in Telangana’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a scathing attack on TRS. He said, “All the times that by-elections have been held in the past, the message is clear that the lotus will bloom everywhere in Telangana. BJP has a very old and deep association with Telangana. Whenever we had bad days, the people of Telangana supported us.” Didn’t leave together, today the people of Telangana have made up their mind to make BJP the biggest party here.”

‘Everything is superstitious here’

Questioning the working style of the government, the Prime Minister said, “The people of the country need to know what is happening in Telangana in the name of superstition. Superstition decides everything, we together have to remove superstition here. People here want BJP government instead of one family. People here want to see People First instead of Family First.”

‘Those who loot the poor will not be spared’

PM Modi said, “Today I assure the people of Telangana that those who loot the poor will not be spared. Some people are trying to unite to avoid action, but the people of Telangana are seeing and understanding this.” Corruption and nepotism are the biggest enemies of development, that’s why BJP is continuously leading in rooting out both of them.”

‘I eat 2-3 kilos of abuse every day’

The Prime Minister said that while questioning, what is the need of middlemen between the government and the public. BJP is ready to provide good governance in Telangana. He said, “These people have nothing left but to abuse Modi, I have taken abuses of all kinds for the last 22 years… I do not get tired because I eat two-three kilos of abuses a day.” , But with the blessings of God, all these abuses become positive energy in me.”

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